Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
01887 09 ST A3 N 653-19 02/18/2006
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12/27/05 01887


DEFINITION: This is highly advanced technical work in the customization and maintenance of the Commonwealth’s Integrated Enterprise System (IES) SAP system.

An employee in this job is responsible for the analysis, design, planning, development, testing, maintenance, and documentation of a significant component of the IES SAP system. Work includes applications development responsibility for interfaces, reports, and custom development for one or more subsystems of a major application module or accountability for one or more enterprise SAP workflow applications. Work involves analyzing detailed functional specifications, developing detailed technical specifications, developing customizations or workflow applications, identifying data migration and interface requirements, conducting quality assurance reviews of SAP system programs, developing test plans and documenting test results, supporting SAP update/upgrade activity, and recommending standard SAP solutions in lieu of custom development. Work is characterized by the accountability for highly complex and critical computer application development and maintenance projects and the enterprise-wide nature of those applications. Communications with the SAP business operations teams is a critical component of the work to determine work requirements. Work is assigned by an IES Applications Developer Supervisor, is performed independently, and is reviewed upon completion for overall effectiveness.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Develops detailed technical specifications for system customizations or modifications or for custom workflow development based on functional specifications.

Provides technical leadership to the business operations team regarding the highly complex SAP system.

Determines scope of assignments and identifies resource needs to complete projects within established timeframes.

Participates in the development of technical standards and templates.

Analyzes, designs, constructs, and tests programs for use in the SAP system.

Analyzes program performance and makes decisions regarding program tuning.

Conducts quality assurance reviews of SAP system programs.

Develops test plans and documents test results.

Supports SAP system updates and upgrade activities.

Communicates with SAP, Inc. by creating, researching, requesting, and applying Operations Support System (OSS) notes.

Evaluates requests for system customization and determines if standard SAP solutions are appropriate in lieu of custom development.

Provides prompt resolution to applications problems for mission critical applications.

Utilizes desktop software to facilitate systems design tasks.

Analyzes detailed functional specifications to determine requirements for system customization.

Confers with business operations team members to discuss requests for customization, including the customization requirements, feasibility, and the priority for each request.

Provides technical solutions to business operations team requests based on best system design practices.

Identifies data migration and interface requirements.

Participates in the development of implementation strategies.

Identifies workflow requirements and maintains workflow configuration.

Develops custom workflow designs in response to business requirements.

Creates and maintains workflow flow files.

Collaborates with other IES teams to resolve issues with workflow roles and permissions.

Performs other related duties.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the SAP application software.

Knowledge of information technology and systems analysis principles and techniques.

Knowledge of computer programming techniques.

Knowledge of developments and practices in applications development and methodologies, including computer assisted systems engineering, rapid application development, and shared application development approaches.

Knowledge of the concepts, characteristics, and capabilities of current information technology methodologies, equipment, and software.

Knowledge of the principles and techniques of application development documentation and strategies.

Ability to effectively communicate complex technical issues to technical and non-technical staff.

Ability to review and evaluate new technologies and application development tools for use in the application development process and to recommend the acquisition of new hardware and software for use in the application development process.

Ability to analyze complex business operations and to organize their component parts into logical and integrated systems.

Ability to design and apply diverse technical application and information technology architecture solutions to complex business systems and to select the most efficient and appropriate solutions for individual business system problems.

Ability to analyze and conduct research of complex business processes in order to develop information technology based approaches to meet the needs of clients and managers.

Ability to review and prioritize requests for application development or modification and to resolve conflicting requests for service.

Ability to meet with business operations teams to identify their business needs and to develop plans to meet these needs.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, associates, managers, vendors, and others.

Ability to write technical analysis and recommendations.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year of experience in applications development in an SAP environment and an associate’s degree in Computer Science; Management, Computer or Business Information Systems or a closely related field;


Three years of experience in applications development in an SAP environment;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.