Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
02339 05 ST A1 C 748-12 04/30/2019
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JOB CODE: 02339

SERIES NATURE OF WORK: The Product and Supply series describes work in the processing, forecasting, acquisition, pricing, and distribution of products for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB).

DEFINITION: This is technical work involving a variety of assignments in support of the product selection, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions of the PLCB.

An employee in this job performs technical and limited analytical duties to assist in the purchasing, inside sales, transport, delivery, and tracking of alcoholic beverages. Work requires the application of limited wine and spirit product knowledge, liquor purchasing methods, and shipping system requirements to facilitate the timely purchase, transport, and delivery of merchandise. Work is performed with considerable independence within established programmatic methods and guidelines and is reviewed through direct observation, reports, and the evaluation of obtained results.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (NOTE: The examples of work are representative of the work, but every position classified to this job may not perform all examples of work listed. Conversely, this is not an all-inclusive list of work examples.):

• Approves new and updated item data and confirms compliance with all naming conventions and entry standards.

• Schedules the transportation of cargo to distribution centers.

• Monitors shipping activities, communicates with involved parties, and resolves routine discrepancies.

• Compiles reports related to the sale and distribution of products.

• Resolves licensee orders and advises buyers on product outages or one-time buys.

• Receives, reviews, and processes a variety of invoice types, verifies quantities of merchandise transported and received, ensures the accuracy of shipping rates applied, resolves discrepancies, and approves invoices for payment.

• Selects motor carriers and issues pick-up authorizations for the transport of merchandise from initial delivery sites to distribution centers.

• Facilitates emergency shipments through coordination with vendors, consolidators, and receiving distribution centers.

• Communicates with vendors, licensees, shippers, and the public on various topics, explains the established procedures to present new products for sale in PLCB stores, and provides the public with general information about products, services, licenses, and agency policies.

• Advises a variety of source and shipping personnel including motor carriers, distribution center managers, shipping lines, vendors, and consolidators of shipping requirements, shipping delays, and other related purchase order alterations.

• Tracks the shipment of products across established supply chain touchpoints and monitors delivery dates and shipping details to ensure timely receipt of merchandise.

• Works in a customer service call center engaging the public through phone calls, emails, and online chat, and provides product recommendations or alternatives based on customer needs or product availability.

• Performs research on subjects related to retail products, companies, and the wine and spirits industry.

• Performs basic calculations of sales numbers or performance metrics using simple arithmetic formulae for review by analysts.

• Resolves and collects taxes on products brought into Pennsylvania by consumers.

• Performs related work as required.


• Knowledge of the use and functionality of Microsoft Office Suite software.

• Ability to perform mathematical calculations.

• Ability to read and understand written materials.

• Ability to compile information from new and existing sources.

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: (NOTE: These are expected of an employee performing the work of this job at the full performance level. These are not used for merit system evaluation or examination purposes and are not position-specific performance standards.):

• Knowledge of activities related to the shipping, receiving, and transportation of consumer packaged goods.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: (NOTE: Based on the Entry Level Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities):

• Four years of clerical, retail, sales, warehousing, or customer service work;


• An equivalent combination of experience and training.