Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
02380 10 ST A3 N 999-99 11/01/2016
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09/12/1995 02380


DEFINITION: This is highly responsible administrative and professional work serving as the Secretary to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, directing the functions of the Office of Secretary in support of the Board's activities in applying the provisions of Commonwealth Liquor Laws and statutory regulations, conducting Board-level investigations, and fulfilling a variety of public and legislative relations obligations.

The employee in this class manages and coordinates administrative details for the Board; functions as the administrative agent of the Board, receiving and conferring with individuals having business with the agency; provides supervisory oversight for the statewide conduct of liquor licensing, personnel, store, and other special investigations as required by the Board; and carries out a variety of duties in support of public and legislative relations. Work includes providing input into the formulation of legislation, regulations, and administrative policies; functioning as a liaison with Commonwealth agencies, other control states, legislative, professional organizations, alcohol beverage industry representatives, and other groups; and managing the administrative details of Board meetings, including preparation of the agenda, presentation and distribution of minutes and records of Board actions. Work is performed with a high degree of independence with general supervision provided by the Chairman of the Board who reviews work for effectiveness through conferences and reports.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Develops, installs, and evaluates administrative procedures, policies, and operations for the Board.

Directs Board meeting details such as scheduling, preparing the agenda, directing the preparation of the final minutes and records of Board actions, and monitoring post meeting activities to insure the execution and dissemination of all Board actions.

Serves as the administrative agent for the Board, receiving and conferring with individuals having business with the Board to reduce work load; and performs any special projects so designated by the Board Members relative to this function.

Coordinates all Board activities relative to statutory legislation, including the review of current and pending legislative matters; determination of potential impact to the Board's operating policies; forwarding of proposed revisions to the respective legislative overview committee; appearing before the committee to provide relevant testimony on matters affecting the Board or any other matter deemed necessary by the Committees; conducting analyses on proposed legislative bills; and maintaining contact with the Governor's Office prior to final passage or veto of bills.

Oversees, and is the direct supervisor of, the PLCB's Investigative Unit responsible for the statewide conduct of highly sensitive liquor licensing, personnel, store, and other special investigations deemed necessary by the Board.

Serves as the official LCB signatory authority for payrolls, voucher transmittals, purchase orders, and other related financial documents.

Coordinates external requests for information and research projects, for the Board, to include regulatory/compliance review, functional assignments within the Board's structure, and work processes aimed at eliminating duplicative efforts; monitors the information gathering process and project research efforts to insure timely and efficient completion, and subsequent dissemination as appropriate; and responds to a variety of inquiries from the Legislative, various state and local officials, attorneys, and the general public.

Meets with community groups and speaks at public meetings to assist in educating and informing the public of departmental plans and programs requiring public acceptance.

Assists and advises the Director of Administration, Director of Marketing, and all Bureau Directors in any areas involving overall Board policy, and coordinates the dissemination of policy and/or other information to interested legislators and other public officials.

Plans a variety of Liquor Control Board conferences and meetings, arranging for accommodations, meals, transportation, and speakers.

Maintains official Board records; directs the preparation of records such as notices and resolutions; and certifies true and accurate records for the Board, affixing official Board stamp to documents.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the general procedures, practices, terminology, and records associated with the alcohol beverage industry.

Knowledge of the scope and purposes of state laws and regulations pertaining to regulation of the alcohol beverage industry and the rules, policies, and procedures of the Liquor Control Board.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration and governmental operations.

Skill in researching and analyzing information, compiling information into a logical format, and in presenting informational reports along with recommendations based on subject analyses.

Skill in communicating effectively, orally and in writing, in English.

Skill in preparing and presenting informational/educational topics to the public and other interested groups.

Ability to travel to locations both within and outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the purpose of attending conferences, seminars, conventions, meetings, and/or public speaking events.

Ability to plan, organize, and assign work to subordinates, and to establish employee performance standards and review employee performance.

Ability to develop and install administrative procedures and operations, and to evaluate their effectiveness.

Ability to exercise appropriate judgment and discretion in applying and interpreting the policies and procedures of the Liquor Control Board.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members, government officials, subordinates, colleagues, and the general public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Four years of progressively responsible business or governmental management work including two years of experience in directing a function which included establishing goals and operational procedures and policies, and engaging in public speaking, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Affairs, Political Science, or other closely related field;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training which affords the applicant the required knowledges, skills, and abilities.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.