Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
02590 11 ST A3 N 796-04 08/18/2022
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JOB CODE: 02590

DEFINITION: This is responsible administrative work in directing the statewide program for the distribution of government-donated foods in the Department of Agriculture.

The employee in this job plans, directs, and coordinates Pennsylvania's food assistance program, through the distribution of government-donated food to eligible outlets. Work involves coordinating state and federally-funded food distribution programs in compliance with state and federal standards and adapting these standards to serve the needs of diversified state-related food programs. Work includes developing close working relationships with federal and state officials in administering the program and monitoring results to ensure that the terms of agreements are properly discharged. Work also involves developing and maintaining a system of accountability for commodities at the state and recipient agency levels. Supervision is exercised over a staff of state and volunteer or political sub-division employees. Work is assigned in the form of broad goals and objectives and is reviewed by an administrative supervisor through conferences and reports for adherence to policies and for results obtained.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (NOTE: The examples of work are representative of the work, but every position classified to this job may not perform all examples of work listed. Conversely, this is not an all-inclusive list of work examples.)

• Plans, directs, and coordinates the acquisition, allocation, and distribution of federal government-donated foods to eligible outlets.

• Plans, directs, and coordinates the distribution of State Food Purchase Program funds to county lead agencies, ensuring that counties comply with all requirements.

• Adapts federal standards to state requirements and confers with officials at all levels of government in administering and evaluating the overall food distribution program.

• Directs the allocation of donated commodities to eligible recipient agencies in an equitable and cost-effective manner.

• Inspects food storage facilities.

• Administers the Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System program in a manner that provides equitable distribution of commodities from a diverse group of farmers and food processors.

• Supervises a staff of state and volunteer or local sub-division employees engaged in distributing foods to eligible recipients.

• Analyzes recipient agency operations to determine if the provision agreements are properly discharged.

• Revises, modifies, and develops program policies, standards, and procedures.

• Evaluates and determines the effectiveness of programs and operations, reports on the results and effectiveness of program areas, and develops plans for program improvements.

• Pursues grant opportunities from USDA or other sources to attract greater investment in providing fresh food to low-income consumers in Pennsylvania.

• Directs administrative services for the bureau.

• Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

• The employee in this job may participate in the performance of subordinates’ work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

• Performs related work as required.


• Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations governing the acquisition and distribution of government-donated foods.

• Knowledge of proper food storage methods and practices.

• Knowledge of programs used to distribute government-donated foods.

• Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration.

• Knowledge of the principles and practices of employee supervision.

• Knowledge of the use and functionality of Microsoft Office Suite software.

• Ability to read, analyze, and interpret policies, procedures, and regulations.

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: (NOTE: These are expected of an employee performing the work of this job at the full performance level. These are not used for merit system evaluation or examination purposes and are not position-specific performance standards.)

• Knowledge of Pennsylvania’s food assistance program.

• Knowledge of local government’s role in the administration of donated food programs.

• Ability to plan, direct, evaluate, and coordinate the statewide program for the acquisition and distribution of government-donated foods.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: (NOTE: Based on the Entry Level Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities)

• Six years of administrative experience in the acquisition and distribution of government donated foods, which includes three years of supervisory experience, and a bachelor's degree;


• An equivalent combination of experience and training, which includes three years of supervisory experience in the acquisition and distribution of government donated foods.