Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
03020 06 ST A3 C 689-01 05/27/2011
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06/01/1989 03020



This is professional accounting work in the classification, analysis, and reporting of financial data.

An employee in this class analyzes financial transactions and prepares documented financial statements and reports to control and account for state funds and to analyze and project financial data. Work involves applying prescribed professional accounting principles and techniques to the treatment of transactions and other accounting operations. Employees perform a wide variety of professional accounting work, but some assignments require an emphasis upon a specific accounting specialty. Supervision may be exercised over a small technical, clerical, or inmate staff. Work is performed within established policies and procedures. Supervision is received from a professional superior who provides advice and occasionally checks work in progress or upon completion for adherence to standards and procedures.


Maintains or supervises the maintenance of accounting records.

Supervises the posting of accounting data to general ledger accounts from accounting records and documents; takes trial balances and prepares financial reports.

Supervises the maintenance of expenditure and budgetary control accounts and prepares reports related to the status of accounts.

Prepares adjustment transactions to correct or close accounts maintained.

Participates in the maintenance of inventory control systems for cost accounting which includes inventory in stock, in process, and finished work to determine cost and wastage.

Participates in the determination of division of the cost of overhead between different industries or cost centers.

Maintains full accounting records to show the unit, product, and industry cost and the factors used to determine these costs.

Analyzes accounting records and reports and prepares management reports in established formats based on these sources.

Performs related work.


Knowledge of generally-accepted accounting principles and procedures.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of cost accounting.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of office management.

Ability to assemble, analyze, and prepare reports and statements of financial data.

Ability to analyze and interpret accounting records.

Ability to apply and adapt established accounting methods to a variety of accounting transactions and situations.

Ability to train and supervise a small non-professional staff.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.


A Bachelor's Degree including or supplemented by fifteen credits in accounting.


One year as a Fiscal Technician, and fifteen college credits in accounting;


One year as a Financial Programs Trainee.


Five years of Bookkeeping experience and fifteen college credits in accounting;


Successful completion of the Commonwealth's Accounting Intern Program.