Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
0503C 08 ST A3 C 628-15 09/07/2001
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A - General 0503A
B - Classification & Compensation 0503B
C - Examinations 0503C
D - Employee Training 0503D
E - Employee Benefits 0503E
F - Labor Relations 0503F
G - Human Resource Systems 0503G


This is advanced professional human resource work in the development of programs, processes, or systems; or supervisory work in the administration of specialized or multiple programs.

An employee in this class performs developmental work in the design and conduct of occupational studies, development and evaluation of human resource assessment programs, investigation and resolution of employee grievances, participation in contract negotiations, research and design of new conceptual/theoretical training courses, presentation of cases at area and/or state accelerated grievance procedure committee meetings, research and drafting of procedures for administration of statewide benefit programs, and designing and drafting human resource systems operating procedures for use by all agencies. An employee in this class may also supervise a staff of professional employees engaged in administration of specialized or multiple programs which require professional judgment but are constrained by central human resource policy and overall program control. Work is reviewed by a professional supervisor or Human Resource Director through reports, correspondence, and evaluation of overall program results.


Supervises or leads the research and examination of data to write and edit narrative reports, correspondence, studies, recommendations, and recruitment promotional materials.

Supervises or leads study teams to draft or revise procedures, rules, or directives to control the flow of work or data within the human resource operation.

Conducts human resource-related training, seminars, work-shops, and meetings to gather and distribute human resource program information on new programs,
processes, or policy.


Supervises a professional staff in the administration of multiple programs which include two or more programs covered by a parenthetical or parentheticals, and require professional judgments but are constrained by clear management policy and system requirements. These employees function as the program experts for their agency, and are accountable for all work processes involving the programs administered.

Supervises professional staff in the analysis of safety data and safety program administration including inspection of sites, writing safety recommendations and procedures, providing training, and evaluating safety and accident reports.

Supervises professional staff in the administration of a major portion of the recruitment and placement program of a large agency including civil service liaison, career development, and specialized recruitment and placement activities.

Supervises professional staff as a division chief in the State Civil Service Commission responsible for specialized recruitment for all agencies.


In the Office of Administration work involves responsibility for classification and class specification development and pay range assignment review and recommendations for a cluster of state agencies. Work also includes investigation and settlement of classification grievances, providing expert testimony at classification grievance arbitration hearings, and extensive interaction with labor unions to resolve issues related to classification grievances.

At the agency level a position is assigned responsibility for drafting and reviewing all class specifications for a large agency characterized by a large variety of specialized occupations, or supervises the investigation and resolution of classification grievances.


Designs studies, conducts job analysis, interviews employees and supervisors, drafts questionnaires, interviews employees and supervisors, drafts test plans and announcements, develops tests, develops administration and scoring procedures, and writes technical reports.


Independently conducts needs assessments for training for a segment of a large agency or for an entire agency, researches and develops unique conceptual/theoretical training courses to meet demonstrated management needs, delivers training using text, visual aides, and handouts, and evaluates the effectiveness and impact of training courses.

Supervises a staff of professional employees engaged in the delivery of functional training courses, evaluation of out-service training requests, and automation of training records, for a large agency.


In the Office of Administration researches actuarial data, cost estimates, health insurer proposals, and other data to recommend coverage of health services. Employee also drafts contract language for agreements with insurance carriers; drafts procedures for all agencies to follow for the processing of benefit claims, leave accounting and information to employees on options for health care.

Supervises professional staff and performs responsible management work with accountability for the entire benefits program for a medium sized agency
including Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, health insurances, disability programs, leave, and ADA.


Conducts investigations of employee grievances and recommends resolution, conducts labor management meetings, advises managers on discipline matters, negotiates with union officials on local agreements, presents cases at area or state accelerated grievance procedure committee meetings, serves as a panel member at accelerated grievance procedure committee meetings, and conducts contract briefings for agency managers.


Supervises a staff of supervisory professional and para-professional employees engaged in the administration of the agency's transactions, time-and-attendance, payroll, leave processing, complement control, and other automated human resource systems. Typically these positions report to the agency Human Resource Director.

In the Office of Administration a position performs developmental work in the independent design of human resource information systems for use by all agencies. Work would include interaction with computer systems human resource to design projects, set time-frames for project completion, and write the resulting procedural changes or additions. Work may also involve occasional team leader assignments on projects requiring more than one analyst.

Employees in this class may participate in the performance of their subordinates work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related work as required.



Knowledge of state government organization.

Knowledge of basic state human resource functions and division of responsibilities and ability to apply this general knowledge in coordination and performance of duties.

Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of employee safety administration.

Ability to recognize, evaluate and correct employee safety hazards.

Ability to apply the principles, practices, and techniques of recruitment and placement to meet equal employment opportunity standards and specialized occupational needs, including Civil Service Commission rules and various state and Federal regulations.


Knowledge of the principles of position classification as applied in public human resource administration.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of compensation administration including the collection of pay information, the development of pay plans, and the implementation and administration of pay practices.

Knowledge of the reference sources of information regarding the development, modification, and administration of classification and compensation plans.

Ability to apply these knowledges in the evaluation, review, and monitoring of classification and pay-related questions.


Knowledge of the principles of examination development and evaluation.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and current techniques of test development, validation, and research as applied to the general requirements of public human resource administration.

Knowledge of the reference sources of information regarding examination development and evaluation.

Ability to apply these knowledges in the development and evaluation of testing programs in a number of occupational areas common to public organizations.


Knowledge of the principles of employee training including curriculum assessment and development.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of employee training development including methodology of determining and developing training needs and goals, alternate training methods, curriculum outlines and materials, training and teaching resources, and assessment of results.

Skill in applying instructional techniques, and dealing independently with instructional problems, adjusting or supplementing materials and approaches as necessary.

Skill in the application of the techniques of effective communication, and the capacity to gain and retain interest in the information presented.

Ability to apply these knowledges in the development of effective training programs in a variety of public settings.


Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of employee benefit administration including the assessment of existing practices and needs, development of recommended programs, evaluation of alternative approaches, and design of detailed specifications, procedures, and policies.

Knowledge of employee benefit administration as related to other aspects of employee compensation.

Knowledge of the methods of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, summarizing, and reporting on data of a statistical nature.

Ability to apply these knowledges in the development and evaluation of employee benefit programs and segments.


Knowledge of the principles of employee relations.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of collective bargaining including the evaluation of existing contracts, assessment of contract proposals, preparation of recommended approaches, negotiation, contract interpretation, and contract and grievance administration.

Knowledge of basic precedents and principles in labor relations law.

Ability to apply these knowledges in the resolution of negotiations and the consistent administration of contract agreements.


Knowledge of current automated applications which support human resource administration.

Knowledge of the data that is used in the administration of the automated human resource information system.

Knowledge of the automated human resource/payroll system and the relationship between position and budget/payroll data.

Ability to analyze human resource user needs and define requirements for automated systems support.


Knowledge of the basic principles, methods, and techniques of public human resource administration sufficient to interpret rules, regulations, contracts, and other controlling procedures.

Knowledge of basic principles and practices of public administration.

Ability to apply knowledge of current developments in public human resource management including the inter-relationships of examinations, placement, classification, equal employment opportunity, employee training, and labor relations to the areas of assignment.

Ability to define and execute developmental program specialist and supervisory assignments in accordance with program objectives and within time and resource constraints.

Ability to read, interpret, and apply human resource provisions as stated in rules, regulations, contracts, and other controlling procedures.

Ability to prepare technical reports of field investigations.

Ability to read, write, and communicate orally in English.

Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates, supervisors, operating and staff service officers, representatives of employee organizations, employees, and members of the general public.


One year as a Human Resource Analyst 2 in the area of the parenthetical;


One year as a Field Human Resource Officer 1, and one year of professional experience in the area of the parenthetical;


Two years of experience in the performance of professional human resource work, including one year of professional experience in the area of the parenthetical; and a bachelor's degree;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.