Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
05066 08 ST A3 C 999-99 11/01/1999
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05/03/1999 05066


DEFINITION: This is administrative work responsible for establishing, implementing, and enforcing administrative and procedural functions for the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) merit system appeal processing program as mandated by the Civil Service Act.

The employee in this class performs a variety of responsible office management functions for this highly sensitive Commission program of statewide scope. This employee works closely with Commission legal staff in the management of this program and reports directly to the Chief Counsel, SCSC. The employee consults with and makes recommendations to the Commissioners on a variety of appeal matters and serves as the resident technical expert in the appeal processing function. Timely and accurate scheduling systems and record-keeping is of critical importance. A major component of this position is maintenance of superior service to the customers of this program area to include a variety of appellants and legal representatives employed by the Commonwealth as well as from outside the system. Supervision is directly exercised over a Clerical Supervisor. The position serves as the Reviewing Officer over subordinate clerical staff members. Work is performed independently and reviewed through conferences with and reports to the Chief Counsel, SCSC, for effectiveness and adherence to policy.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Reviews all appeals and meets with the Chief Counsel and Commissioners of the SCSC to discuss appeals on the agenda and makes recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the appeals.

Establishes policies and procedures in response to the Commissioners’ decisions.

Establishes and continually reviews and revises procedures for the appeals process to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Prepares hearing agenda to include scheduling new appeals, rescheduling on-going appeals, reconsideration requests, withdrawals, and petitions to Commonwealth Court.

Meets with the Chief Counsel and Assistant Counsels of the SCSC as a panel to review and make initial recommendations to the Civil Service Commissioners to grant or deny hearings.

Advises appellants and/or their attorneys regarding the appeal process, adequacy of subpoena requests, and relevancy of motions to be filed.

Schedules and reschedules hearings independently.

Attends hearings as necessary to assure adherence to administrative procedures.

Directs staff in the preparation, maintenance, storage and disposal of all appeal files.

Performs all traditional supervisory duties in the management of staff including, but not limited to, assignment and review of work, approval/disapproval of leave, performance management activities, selection of new staff, and training of subordinate staff members.

Prepares correspondence relating to the appeal process for the Commissioners’ and/or Executive Director’s and/or Chief Counsel’s signature.

Certifies records to Commonwealth Court, as necessary.

Coordinates court reporter services for all hearing dates.

Reviews all transcripts received from the court reporter to assure adherence to contractual requirements.

Proposes purchases of equipment necessary to support the appeals function.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration and office management.

Knowledge of Commonwealth personnel processes used in resolving complaints and grievances from appellants.

Ability to read, understand, interpret and explain to others information relating to the appeals process contained in provisions of the State Civil Service Act, the rules of the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) , and the decisions made by the SCSC and the Commonwealth Court that pertain to the State Civil Service Act.

Ability to review, analyze and appraise legal and administrative documents and records in order to assess the accuracy and completeness of information presented, obtain a clear concept of issues involved, and draw reasonable conclusions therefrom.

Ability to apply administrative and legal decisions, precedents, and rulings to existing situations.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to develop and install administrative policies, procedures and operations and to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.

Ability to plan, assign, review, and direct the work of others.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative officials and the general public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Three years of office management or staff experience including or supplemented by one year of office supervisory experience in an office responsible for litigating or adjudicating disputes;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training that includes one year of office supervisory experience in an office responsible for litigating or adjudicating disputes.