Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
05226 11 ST A3 C 648-20 12/21/2004
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12/21/2004 05226


DEFINITION: This is professional managerial work in directing the administration of an Equal Employment Opportunity and Contract Compliance program in a Commonwealth agency.

An employee in this job directs an agency’s Equal Employment Opportunity program, which includes Contract Compliance programs and other civil rights compliance programs mandated by state or federal law or regulation. Supervision is exercised over subordinate supervisory, professional, paraprofessional and clerical staff, which includes staff in field offices statewide. Work is reviewed by a higher-level administrator through reports, meetings and evaluation of overall program effectiveness and results.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Directs an agency Equal Employment Opportunity and Contract Compliance program that includes field offices statewide.

Directs the development of agency policies, procedures and objectives to implement Commonwealth programs of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for employees, contractors and service recipients.

Directs the development, implementation and monitoring of state and federal plans and programs.

Directs the development and presentation of equal employment opportunity, civil rights compliance, contract compliance, and discrimination training programs to agency personnel.

Directs the investigation of allegations of discrimination or non-compliance brought by employees, program participants, clients, or community groups.

Ensures the equitable delivery of services to clients, equality of employment practices for employees and applicants, and adherence to non-discrimination contract provisions, policies, and procedures by vendors and recipients.

Meets with agency managers, program providers, trade and labor organizations, and contractors to provide program assistance, encourage compliance, interpret regulations, and delineate program objectives.

Directs the development of recruitment strategies to increase the pool of qualified minorities and females. Advises and monitors agency supervisors and managers in matters involving equal employment opportunity in recruitment, selection and discipline.

Consults with the department’s Office of Chief Counsel to discuss pending discrimination complaints.

Administers the EEO Review Certificate process for all personnel transactions to ensure equal employment opportunity objectives are met..

Prepares detailed reports on equal employment opportunity, contractor compliance, federal program compliance, and findings and recommendations resulting from discrimination complaint investigations.

Oversees all cultural events sponsored by or participated in by the department.

Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

Employees in this class may participate in the performance of their subordinates work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related duties as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of state and federal law and regulation governing equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination.

Knowledge of Commonwealth policy regarding equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination.

Knowledge of the goals and practices of equal employment opportunity, contract compliance and civil rights programs.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of employee selection, development and equal employment opportunity.

Ability to apply the above-referenced knowledge in the administration of the agency’s equal employment opportunity program.

Ability to conduct interviews, seminars, meetings, administrative investigations, complaint hearings, and workshops.

Ability to draft policy statements, rules, operating procedures and directives.

Ability to define and develop internal processes to access, control and monitor program effectiveness and impact.

Ability to organize, manage, plan, direct, supervise, and evaluate the work of a professional, paraprofessional and clerical staff.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with agency staff, supervisors, managers, Commonwealth officials, legislators, community groups, and the general public.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing in English.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year of experience as an Equal Opportunity Manager 2;


Six years of professional experience in equal an employment opportunity program including three years of supervisory experience and a bachelor’s degree;


An equivalent combination of experience and training including three years of supervisory experience.