Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
05791 08 ST A3 N 668-01 01/16/2008
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01/16/2008 05791


DEFINITION: This is professional and consultative work in coordinating and facilitating the environmental regulatory aspects of business development and community revitalization projects in the Department of Environmental Protection.

An employee in this job provides a wide range of consultative services to businesses, developers, economic development agencies and local government officials to facilitate the submission and review of environmental plans and permit applications for community revitalization and economic development projects. Work involves planning, promoting and implementing a comprehensive program of services to support business creation and retention opportunities and to assist communities in their revitalization efforts, particularly those that target the redevelopment of industrial sites. Work also involves serving as a primary point of contact for local government officials and legislators for questions or issues pertaining to the local implementation of agency programs. Important aspects of this work include proactively soliciting and encouraging projects for the remediation and redevelopment of former commercial and industrial sites, and meeting with project stakeholders to identify regulatory requirements and to assist them in applying for financial incentives and technical assistance offered by various Commonwealth agencies. Work is assigned in the form of broad program goals and objectives and is reviewed through reports and conferences for overall effectiveness and quality.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Provides a comprehensive range of consultative and technical assistance services to companies seeking to establish, develop or expand manufacturing, distribution or service facilities in Pennsylvania.

Provides information on the environmental programs and regulations to which redevelopment programs may be subject, participates in pre-application meetings between applicants and agency staff, and monitors and reports on project progress.

Assists project stakeholders in identifying and applying for financial assistance opportunities offered by Commonwealth agencies.

Develops and maintains local contacts with community groups, environmental and conservation groups, trade associations, legislators, the media and the public to provide a forum for discussing and alleviating conflicts with the Department.

Responds to inquiries from local government officials or legislators on agency programs or activities.

Coordinates cross-program outreach, enforcement or permitting issues with regional office staff.

Confers with agency managers and executives on highly sensitive or controversial issues pertaining to economic development or community revitalization projects.

Participates on agency workgroups and multi-agency action teams to address high priority issues involving economic development or community revitalization.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the laws, regulations and policies governing environmental protection and site remediation.

Knowledge of the structure, functions and responsibilities of municipal and county government.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of business administration.

Knowledge of public and private financing options and incentives for the remediation and reuse of industrial sites.

Knowledge of community relations practices and techniques.

Ability to analyze data, evaluate program effectiveness, and recommend improvements.

Ability to prepare presentations on environmental and economic development topics.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Three years of professional experience in a federal, state, local or private economic or community development program, and a bachelor’s degree;


An equivalent combination of experience or training.