Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
08931 10 ST A3 C 999-99 11/01/1999
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08/01/1988 08931



This is managerial professional accounting work planning, directing, and coordinating a financial accounting program within a comptroller office in the Office of the Budget.

Employees in this class are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the development, implementation and maintenance of a financial accounting and reporting, auditing or accounting systems program providing accounting services for the agency served by the comptroller office and insuring the financial control and accountability of all funds the agency administers. Work involves directing and coordinating staff efforts in the design, development, installation or operation of accounting systems; the prescription of accounting requirements and procedures; the auditing of accounts and records of transactions; the examination, analysis and interpretation of accounting data or providing accounting advice and assistance to agency management. Emphasis is placed on interpreting and developing program policy and procedures within established limits and providing technical guidance in the resolution of complex accounting and fiscal problems caused by the expenditure and control of funds. Supervision is exercised over a staff of professional, technical and clerical employees. Work is performed within a framework of established statewide financial policies, procedures and systems subject to review by a professional superior for achievement of program results.


Plans, directs and coordinates a financial accounting and reporting, auditing or accounting systems program.

Directs the review and approval of payrolls, revenues, and commitment and expenditure documents to assure their conformance to established policies, procedures, standards, approved budgets and federal regulations.

Directs the classification, summarization and recording of financial transactions and the preparation, analysis or interpretation of financial reports.

Directs the design, adaptation, installation, evaluation and/or revision of accounting systems including accounts, reports, devices for control and related procedures.

Directs the development, modification, evaluation and/or auditing of automated accounting and information systems.

Directs the examination, evaluation and reporting on the accountability and effective management of funds administered by the agencies served and recipient organizations including financial-compliance and operational audits.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of accounting and financial management principles, theories, techniques and methods and their application to governmental accounting systems and operations.

Knowledge of the Commonwealth operation, application and integration of electronic data processing systems which impact on the financial and budget management systems.

Knowledges of structure and operations of government including financial administration, personnel management and budgeting.

Ability to apply a knowledge of the principles, theories, techniques and methods of accounting and financial management in the solution of financial problems and in the administration of a financial accounting program for the agency receiving accounting services.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of key management officials necessary in providing administrative fiscal control and guidance.

Ability to plan, direct and coordinate a financial accounting program.

Ability to select, develop and supervise a subordinate staff of professional, technical and clerical employees.

Ability to make oral and written presentations in a clear and concise manner.


Five years of experience in professional accounting work, including one year in a supervisory or administrative capacity and a bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration or related field;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.