Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
09570 55 XH A3 N 815-04 08/31/2023
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08/01/1983 09570


DEFINITION: This is responsible management and administrative work in directing the operations of the Municipal Retirement System.

The employee in this class plans, directs, and coordinates the administration of the municipal retirement system in accordance with applicable laws and policies. Work involves supervising the preparation of the agenda, keeping minutes of the Board, promotion of the system to all interested municipalities and preparation of reports required in administering the municipal retirement system. Work includes development of policies, procedures and system enhancements to better process, control and account for funds and investments managed and disbursed by the system. Supervision is exercised over a small administrative and clerical staff. Work is performed with considerable independence, but is subject to review through conferences and reports by the Board for effectiveness and adherence to policy.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Serves as the administrative agent of the municipal retirement board and attends Board and committee meetings.

Develops policies and growth strategies for presentation to the Board and subsequent implementation.

Develops procedures, internal program controls, and systems such as accounting control, internal audit and other operating policies.

Directs the receipt and disbursement of funds and oversees the management of investments.

Directs the conduct of promotional activities as part of the overall growth strategy for the retirement systems.

Develops, reviews and analyzes proposed legislation and legislative developments affecting the municipal retirement system and reports findings to the Board, legislative committees, and other interested groups.

Prepares periodic and special reports for review and consideration of the Board.

Works closely with the Actuary and Investment Counsel to insure coordination of activities in the best interest of the retirement system.

Manages the administrative details of meetings of the Board; supervises the preparation of agenda for meetings, collects and distributes informational materials and directs the preparation of official minutes and records of action of the Board on its committees.

Supervises a staff of administrative and clerical employees engaged in record-keeping and clerical processing activities involving maintaining files of members and annuitants, accounting for fund contributions, processing payments to annuitants and preparing required records.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of accepted principles and practices and strategies in the field of retirement system.

Knowledge of administrative principles and practices and systems utilized in analysis and control of retirement system and funds.

Knowledge of accounting principles, business organization and management.

Knowledge of actuarial science and its application to retirement systems.

Knowledge of investments management and marketing.

Knowledge of modern management techniques including the adaptation of the present methods to electronic data processing systems.

Ability to learn the procedures of the Municipal Retirement Board and its applicable laws and regulations.

Ability to interpret new legislation involving the municipal retirement system and adapt new or changed requirements into existing programs.

Ability to develop, install and maintain complex administrative procedures and operations and to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.

Ability to select, supervise, train and evaluate the performance of subordinate staff.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members, state and municipal officials, legislators and the general public.

Ability to effectively communicate ideas and policies, orally and in writing.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Four years of responsible business or governmental management work which included two years of accounting, budget development, or financial management work, and a bachelor's degree with major course work in accounting, business, economics, finance or a related field. A portion of the above work experience should include experience which provided an understanding of public or private retirement system;


Three years of management experience in a public or private retirement system;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.