Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
11600 06 ST B4 C 999-99 07/01/2016
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11/30/2012 11600


DEFINITION: This is structured and specialized training in professional transportation planning and programming in the Department of Transportation involving highway, mass transit, aviation, rail freight, port, or waterway systems.

In the Central Office or an Engineering District Office, an employee in this job participates in formal, informal, and on-the-job training designed to develop technical knowledge, competency, and experience in the application of a variety of transportation planning and programming principles. Work involves assisting in the development and maintenance of statewide, regional, and local transportation plans and programs; assisting in the development of project program schedules, funding plans, and budgets; projecting transportation planning and programming data; and assisting in conducting transportation studies, strategic management support, and highway functional classification activities. As training progresses, employees will be involved in projects of greater difficulty and complexity. Close supervision is exercised over work which is reviewed throughout the training period and upon completion of individual projects for development of technical proficiency and results obtained.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Participates in formal and on-the-job training designed to introduce and develop familiarity with transportation planning and programming.

Participates in the development and monitoring of a schedule for project implementation consistent with state funding capabilities.

Participates in the development of capital budget information.

Prepares written and oral reports for agency and local decision makers on individual projects, programs, and issues.

Compiles, analyzes, and projects land use, travel, mass transit, aviation, rail freight, and other data.

Reviews and analyzes financing mechanisms and state and federal legislation.

In an Engineering District environment, performs beginning level assignments in the development of local planning programs such as rails to trails, greenway, safe routes to school, and safety and mobility.

In aviation or rail freight environments, assists in the development of statewide transportation improvement programs for respective transportation mode.

In aviation or rail freight environments, participates in the development or revision of a variety of transportation programs and related areas, such as planning, intermodal development, environmental compliance, and land use.

Participates in strategic planning studies related to varied aspects of the organization or to specific transportation or aviation issues.

Perform related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the techniques and procedures involved in the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data.

Knowledge of statistical sampling techniques.

Knowledge of algebra and basic statistics.

Knowledge of the use and functionality of industry standard software application programs such as word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail, and database.

Ability to read and interpret written material.

Ability to analyze and interpret technical data.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: A bachelor's degree in civil engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, planning, computer science, or geography;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.