Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
12271 05 ST B1 C 588-02 08/10/1993
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08/10/1993 12271


DEFINITION: This is advanced technical work in land ownership research, and serving as a member of a survey corps performing computations, and field data processing for property survey and preliminary, right-of-way, reconnaissance, location, traverse, bridge, construction borrow pit, final geodetic, and aerial surveys.

Employees in this class perform land research in county offices (Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, Tax  Assessments, Prothonatory) to obtain land ownership information. Research includes constructing title chains, examinations of wills and estates, constructing assessment histories, abstracting deeds and obtaining non-legal land office warrant information. Once land ownership is determined, employees in this class, using conventional and state of the art surveying equipment, perform a full range of tasks on a survey and land research corps. Employees in this classification perform the technical activities required for measuring the existing field locations of natural and man-made features, property boundaries, the dimensions of land areas, and the precise positioning of points, lines, and grades. Employees in this classification perform all survey tasks including the operation of electronic total station survey systems consisting of an electronic survey instrument, data collector/hand held computer, for the automated measuring, recording, transmission and processing of survey records from the field to the office, and conventional survey equipment such as transit, compass, automatic level, hand level, elevation rod, chain, etc., to position and measure points. Employees download the information into a computer aided drafting system, and resolve discrepancies with points established. Employees in this class work with minimal supervision under general instructions except for the most complex and unusual project assignments. Work is reviewed by a technical supervisor for accuracy and adherence to established technical performance standards.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Performs record research in appropriate county office (Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, Tax Assessment, Prothonatory) to obtain boundary ownership information.

Performs all survey team functions, i.e., automatic level operator, transit operator, data collector operator, electronic total station operator, prism operator, chain person, rod person, etc., using both conventional and electronic equipment.

Assists Crew Chief in contacting private surveyors of subject tract or adjacent tracts to obtain information.

Drafts connected maps of compiled deed plotting and warrant information to be used in searching for field evidence. Topographical maps, tax maps, government maps and warrant maps are compared and information is cross examined with information contained in legal documents.

Performs property survey including making field decisions as to location and recording of traverse points and topography points.

Assists in the layout of buildings, dams, rifle/pistol ranges, utility and flooding easements, and diversion terraces by setting up and operating the survey instrument, turning horizontal and vertical angles and/or making observations of rod readings in order to establish both horizontal and vertical controls.

Communicates orally and by hand signals and radio with fellow workers.

Operates both electronic and conventional instruments used by the survey corps to determine elevation, location and distances in the assigned survey area.

Performs electronic downloading and editing of survey data via computer aided drafting and design systems.

Operates light truck or corps bus used to transport survey crew and equipment.

Clears sight obstructions, drives stakes and flags traffic.

Lifts and carries objects ranging in weight from 25 to 50 pounds.

Performs other related duties.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of real estate methods and techniques utilized in real estate transactions.

Knowledge of principles and techniques of title examination and claims settlement.

Knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, plane geometry and coordinate geometry.

Knowledge of surveying principles and methods used in performing field measurements and computations to determine the exact location and dimensions of points, lines, boundaries, contours and areas.

Knowledge of the applications, operation, and care of electronic total station instruments, automatic levels, transits, electronic data collectors, computers, two-way radios and related accessories.

Knowledge of the principles and applications of control surveys to photogrammetric mapping.

Ability to apply survey principles in solving surveying problems or collecting data.

Ability to perform trigonometric computations and use geometric and algebraic formulae.

Ability to read and interpret simple maps, condemnation plans, and property descriptions, engineering design and construction plans, property plans, photogrammetric maps, aerial photographs and other technical and graphic reference documents.

Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

Ability to deal effectively with the public.

Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships.

Ability to work under adverse weather conditions and on hazardous terrain.

Ability to comprehend computer systems as they relate to surveying information.

Ability to lift and carry objects ranging in weight from 25 to 50 pounds.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year as an Engineering Technician involving technical land surveying experience including the research of land ownership and operation of both standard and electronic surveying instruments.


Three years of technical land surveying experience which included research of land ownership and operation of both standard electronic surveying instruments, and training or experience which affords a working knowledge of high school level algebra, plane geometry or trigonometry.


Any experience and training which affords the applicant the Required Knowledges, Skills and Abilities.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid Class 1 Pennsylvania Driver's License issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.