Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
21270 09 ST F3 C 694-05 05/16/2011
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05/18/1998 21270


DEFINITION: This is management work in overseeing the evaluation and regulatory review of statewide child nutrition programs.

The employee in this class is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the evaluation and promotion of child and adult nutrition programs within the Commonwealth. Work involves managing the review of the School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food, and Special Milk Programs on a statewide basis. The employee executes program objectives, standards, and policies for the evaluation of food and nutrition programs consistent with relevant state and federal statutes and regulations. Work involves directing the identification of program best practices and deficiencies at the sponsor level. Duties include the responsibility for managing the review and revision of programs and conversion to electronic data processing in meeting state, federal and electronic data processing requirements. Work involves recommending and coordinating revisions in goals, objectives, and program operations to meet new state and federal priorities or initiatives. Supervision is exercised over a staff of professional and support employees. Work is performed with considerable independence subject to review through conferences, written reports and evaluation of the review of child nutrition programs.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Directs and coordinates the evaluation and review of the statewide School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food and Special Milk Programs.

Participates in developing, revising, and interpreting policies, goals, standards, and objectives for the administration and management of federal food and nutrition programs.

Manages the efforts of staff in monitoring and reviewing the operation of approved food and nutrition programs for compliance with administrative, programmatic, electronic data processing, fiscal rules and regulations.

Assists with the investigation and resolution of complaints and allegations against program operators and Auditor General findings, coordinates establishment of procedures for appeals of findings, and makes determinations on Corrective action necessary to resolve findings or on appropriateness of any penalties which should be imposed.

Directs and coordinates the collection, review, and analysis of data and the preparation and submission of computer reports regarding the operation of food and nutrition programs to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, other state agencies, the legislature, and others concerned with child and adult nutrition issues.

Manages the promotion of programs and the conduct of outreach efforts to encourage new programs and expand existing programs.

Organizes, coordinates and conducts workshops, seminars, and in service programs and meetings regarding current and new initiatives, conversion to electronic data processing, special projects, changes in state and federal legislation and funding levels, and other issues concerning food and nutrition programs.

Manages the work of professional and support personnel, evaluates employee performance, assigns and reviews work, and recommends training and employee growth and development opportunities for staff.

Employees in this class may participate in the performance of their subordinates work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the principles and practices of nutrition and large scale food preparation and services.

Knowledge of School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food, Special Milk Programs and operation.

Knowledge of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation, management, and administration of School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food and Special Milk Programs.

Knowledge of educational system structure, organization, and administration on a public and private, local and regional basis within the Commonwealth in relation to the operation and delivery of food and nutrition programs and services.

Knowledge of public and private school organization and administration.

Knowledge of motivational techniques and interpersonal relationships as they apply to directing the work of a staff of professional educational administrators and specialists, para-professionals and clerical employees.

Knowledge of electronic data processing methodology, software, and equipment and their uses in the collection, organization and presentation of data.

Skill in the use and operation of computers/personal computers and data management software.

Ability to manage and evaluate the work of a moderate size professional, technical and clerical staff.

Ability to exercise judgment and discretion in explaining and interpreting state and federal policies, rules, and regulations concerning food and nutrition program approval, funding and operation.

Ability to convert and modify existing program systems to more efficient, modem electronic data processing systems.

Ability to develop and present recommendations for new or revised programs to address identified or emerging needs and services.

Ability to manage and conduct the review and evaluation of food and nutrition programs and services for consistency with requirements and regulations.

Ability to direct and coordinate the development and implementation of outreach and program expansion efforts.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with school officials, business managers, dietitians, and food service personnel, business and community representatives, state and federal officials, and others interested in food and nutrition program services.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, other state and federal agencies, local education and community agencies and the general public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Four years of professional experience in nutrition or large scale food service work including two years in the implementation and supervision of food and nutrition programs.


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.