Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
22010 05 ST A1 C 541-RP 09/01/1994
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02/01/1985 22010


DEFINITION: This is paraprofessional work involving the preliminary evaluation and processing of applications for certification in professional education areas.

An employee in this class conducts preliminary evaluations of applicants' education, experience, or certificate qualifications using specific evaluation guides for assigned types and areas of certification. This task requires the application of independent judgment limited by the specific alternative of the evaluation guidelines and other clarification and guidance from a senior professional certification specialist. Employees work as a part of an evaluator/reviewer team in conjunction with senior professional certification specialists who review preliminary evaluations with close review of those that may require denial. Work may involve approving applications when determinable from the evaluation guides or after clarification with a senior professional certification specialist and authorizing the issuance of certificates. Work procedures include clerical processing of documents in a variety of functions including the performance of input and retrieval operations on the computer terminal involved in certificate registration. Employees respond to requests for information relating to the established requirements and scope of certification. Quality and quantity of work performed are subject to direct management and supervisory review by an education certification manager.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Conducts preliminary evaluation of applicant's education, experience or certificate qualifications and reviews the preliminary evaluation with a professional certification specialist.

Reviews applications for completeness of data and the presence of college transcripts and other documents of applicant's qualifications.

Gathers information from the Policies, Procedures and Standards for Certification of Professional School Personnel manual, the Professional Personnel Certification Staffing Policies and Guidelines manual, and other job-related publications.

Secures and compares course description of collegiate study against establish standards and verifies appropriateness of institutional endorsements of Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania colleges and universities.

Inputs data via a console for computer print-out of certification.

Inputs computer application control file to show current location and processing progress level of each application and responds to inquires seeking current status of applications.

Receives and verifies completeness and accuracy of computer printed certificate and returns certificates to applicants or the forwarding agent from whom the application was received.

Files processed application as a part of applicant's existing official certification record or, in case of initial certificate issuance, creates initial file.

Responds to routine inquiries relating to the established requirements and scope of certification through visitors, phone calls, and correspondence with applicants, legislators, and school administrators.

Performs the necessary clerical duties in the certification process.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of basic educational credentials evaluation and certification processes.

Knowledge of the sources of information, methods, procedures, and practices which relate to educational credentials evaluation.

Knowledge of office practices, procedures, conduct, and actions necessary in maintaining harmonious working relationships.

Ability to organize various kinds of office files using multiple indexing methods.

Ability to use logs, forms, and letter formats in consolidating information from numerous sources.

Ability to apply evaluation guides and regulations pertaining to certification of professional school personnel, private academic school personnel, and other candidates in the evaluation of applications for certification in the Commonwealth.

Ability to work effectively with a professional certification specialist in a team approach of evaluating and reviewing applicants' qualifications.

Ability to operate a data entry/retrieval computer terminal for a variety of computer transactions.

Ability to organize work and develop effective work methods in an area which involves various techniques and procedures.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with teachers, school administrators, professional school personnel, students, prospective teachers, associates, and others interested in or concerned with educational certification.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year of clerical experience with three months experience in direct data entry/retrieval on a computer terminal and six months experience with educational credential certification laws, rules, and regulations;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.