Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
24080 01 ED E4 C 999-99 01/01/2019
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02/12/2001 24080



This is professional education work in the providing health and physical education instruction to school age inmates at a state correctional institution.

An employee in this class is responsible for developing and adapting curriculum, course outlines, and lesson plans to meet the health and physical educational needs of school age inmates at state correctional facilities. Work involves instructing inmates in a variety of health and physical education topics; diagnosing and evaluating inmate achievement, potential, and progress by administering standardized and teacher constructed tests; and grading classroom and homework assignments. Work involves responsibility for therapeutic care, custody and control of inmates in the classroom, security of classroom materials, and completion of records, reports, and forms related to the operation of classes and the evaluation of inmate performance. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Corrections School Principal with work reviewed through conferences and observation for achievement of educational objectives.


Prepares instructional objectives that will achieve the goals of the Planned Educational Program of the Department of Corrections.

Prepares lesson plans specifying content and activities to be covered, sequence of instruction, materials needed, and standards for lesson accomplishment.

Prepares instructional aids and materials for use in the classroom.

Reviews and recommends tests, study guides, workbooks and other learning materials for use in the classroom.

Instructs school age inmates in the content of a variety of health and physical education topics.

Selects and employs a variety of teaching techniques and approaches in presenting subject matter to a group of inmates or individual inmates.

Prepares and administers quizzes, tests, and exercises to direct inmates' study and measure individual achievement.

Administers, monitors and interprets standardized and teacher-constructed tests.

Analyzes inmates' achievement in class using tests and other evaluative information to identify the strengths and learning needs of individual inmates.

Establishes classroom rules and procedures and maintains order in class.

Completes reports and maintains records on inventory assigned to the inmates, classroom, and the school.

Maintains inmate learning records.

Prepares, duplicates, and files a variety of records, forms, and other materials used for teaching.

Prepares requests for equipment, materials, and supplies within constraints of the annual budget.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of health and physical education subject matter.

Knowledge of a variety of instructional strategies, techniques, methods, and approaches used in teaching health and physical education at the elementary and secondary levels.

Skill in the operation of audio-visual and other instructional academic devices.

Ability to instruct incarcerated persons in a variety of health and physical education topics.

Ability to design curriculums, course outlines, lesson plans, and individualized learning plans for incarcerated persons.

Ability to supervise incarcerated persons in an educational environment.

Ability to evaluate the performance and progress of incarcerated persons through work assignments and tests.

Ability to construct, score and analyze examinations, work assignments, and other measures of incarcerated persons.

Ability to administer and interpret various standardized aptitude and proficiency tests.

Ability to complete learning records for individuals and other reports and forms.

Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other teachers, counselors, supervisors, incarcerated persons, security personnel, and other staff.

Ability to maintain therapeutic care, custody and control of inmates.

Ability to learn and adhere to the security rules and regulations established by the institution and the department.


A professional certification by the Department of Education in Health and Physical Education.