Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
30321 38 XH N7 N 999-99 08/21/2013
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04/16/2010 30321



This is non-professional PRO RE NATA nursing work in the care of individuals and their quarters on an as needed basis at a veterans extended care facility operated by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

An employee in this job performs non-professional nursing work in the direct and daily care and rehabilitation of ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals (patients/residents) and the maintenance of their quarters. Nurse aide duties are of limited scope and are performed in accordance with established rules and regulations and under specific instructions from registered nurses or physicians. Employees participate in on-the-job and formal training in nursing care procedures to update and maintain non-professional nursing care expertise. Work includes assisting and encouraging individuals to participate in prescribed rehabilitative and recreational activities as individuals and as members of a group. Work is performed under the close supervision of a licensed professional supervisor who reviews work through reports, ward inspections, and observation, but employees are expected to perform the more routine duties independently.


Participates and encourages individuals to participate in prescribed therapeutic rehabilitative programs intended to improve their awareness of self and others, and their functioning as individuals and members of a group.

Assists individuals with activities of daily living and their personal care needs, such as bathing, oral hygiene, shaving, hair care, nail care and dressing.

Teaches and encourages individuals to meet their daily living and personal care needs within the limits of their physical capabilities and in accordance with care plans.

Takes and assists in recording temperature, pulse, respiration rate and weight of individuals in their clinical records.

Performs routine work in the care of individuals and their quarters, such as making beds, changing linens, lifting and moving individuals, caring for personal effects, administering un-medicated ointments and lotions, applying hot water bottles and ice caps as prescribed, and preparing or assisting in applying simple dressings and un-medicated soaks.

Applies comfort and control devices, such as binders, supports, back rests, side rails, walking-assist devices and other types of prostheses under direction of licensed professional staff.

Collects or assists in collecting specimens, passes bed pans and urinals, empties and cleans drainage bottles and records amount of drainage.

Provides care to the body of individuals after death.

Observes and assists individuals at meal time.

Teaches individuals about proper eating habits and the nutritional value of foods and reasons for therapeutic diets.

Assists in planning and providing recreational activities for individuals.

Assists with the implementation of recommendations for physical, speech and occupational therapy under direction of a physical, speech or occupational therapist.

Participates in interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss program goals and to develop individualized rehabilitation plans.

Makes rounds with personnel at the beginning and close of tours of duty.

Records observations about behavior and responses to care in clinical records.

Observes and reports unusual incidents or emergency occurrences to supervisory personnel and assists as required.

Sterilizes and cleans equipment.

Sorts, folds and stores linens.

Participates in on-the-job training and in-service training sessions and seminars to supplement knowledge and skills in the restorative and care processes.

Complies with fire, safety, and infection control policies and procedures of the facility.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of basic procedures and techniques involved in providing routine non-professional nursing care services for the physical care and rehabilitation of individuals.

Knowledge of the equipment and materials used and the processes involved in ward housekeeping operations.

Knowledge of common physical illnesses and their symptoms.

Knowledge of basic first-aid practices.

Knowledge of CPR and emergency resuscitation methods.

Knowledge of aseptic techniques.

Ability to follow simple oral and written instructions.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.


Six months of experience as an Aide Trainee;


One year of paid experience in the care and treatment of geriatric, developmentally disabled, or physically or mentally ill patients/residents; and graduation from high school or equivalent.


Employees assigned to these positions must be registered and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as having met the competency requirements for performing nurse aide work.