Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
39120 07 ST C4 C 689-28 05/22/2011
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05/22/2011 39120


DEFINITION: This is professional work in public health education.

An employee in this job plans, implements, evaluates and promotes public health educational services for a district, or performs specialized public health education functions in one or more fields, such as immunization, injury prevention, wellness promotion, cancer prevention, or tobacco education on a state-wide basis. Work includes conducting studies and surveys of public health education needs, determining the best strategy to meet objectives, and collaborating with community organizations to gain local support and evaluate measures. Work also involves making recommendations concerning methods and procedures most effective in promoting good health habits and targeting risk factors. Work is performed independently in accordance with accepted education methods under the supervision of a professional or administrative supervisor, subject to review through periodic conferences, reports and evaluation of completed assignments.


Plans, implements, promotes and evaluates effective public health education services such as specialized presentations, workforce development trainings, educational fairs, publications, posters, pamphlets, or videos in a district office.

Plans, implements and promotes one or more specific state-wide public health educational functions in one or more specific field(s), such as immunization, injury prevention, wellness promotion, cancer prevention or tobacco education.

Provides technical assistance and guidance to public health agencies, school personnel, state and local authorities and citizen groups to promote and improve health education.

Researches and prepares public health education material for brochures, articles, news releases, videos or TV and radio spots, in collaboration with the agency's Press Office.

Plans and directs workshops, institutes, forums and discussion groups promoting public health.

Conducts studies and surveys of public health education needs to determine the best strategies to meet objectives.

Forms partnerships to provide technical assistance to community organizations and gain local support for health initiatives.

Uses appropriate evaluation methods and models to determine the effectiveness of health improvement strategies.

Recommends the most effective public health education methods and procedures to target risk factors and encourage promotion of good health habits.

Plans, coordinates and implements public health initiatives.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of the principles of public health education.

Knowledge of the methods and techniques of disseminating public health educational information.

Knowledge of educational methods, strategies and techniques.

Knowledge of disease treatment and control methods in community settings.

Knowledge of public health services and resources.

Knowledge of the development and implementation of outreach programs.

Knowledge of data collection, manipulation and analysis techniques.

Ability to develop presentations of public health information.

Ability to analyze and interpret written material.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.


One year as a Public Health Educator 1;


One year of professional public health education experience and a bachelor’s degree including or supplemented by 24 credits in public health, public health education, health education, community health, health science, epidemiology, or a related field;


An equivalent combination of experience and training that includes 24 credits in public health, public health education, health education, community health, health science, epidemiology, or a related field.