Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
42060 11 ST F3 C 999-99 07/01/1997
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09/01/1993 42060


DEFINITION: This is highly responsible professional and administrative work directing the operations of the Allegheny County Assistance Office (CAO), or serving as the Deputy Director of the Philadelphia CAO, or directing the income maintenance program within a geographic area of the Commonwealth.

An employee in this class serves as the Executive Director for the Allegheny CAO or Deputy Director of the Philadelphia CAO which encompasses the management and administration of multiple district offices; or plans, organizes, directs and evaluates the income maintenance program for multiple CAO's in an assigned geographic region of the state. The work involves communicating, implementing and administering income maintenance program initiatives and policies, planning and scheduling, through subordinate Income Maintenance Administrators the full scope of CAO operations for multiple offices, including the client eligibility determination/redetermination activities as well as all administrative support services aspects of operating the CAO. Work also involves providing leadership in the development and direction of policy and administrative integration of the income maintenance program for which the department has supervisory responsibilities, in compliance with established program policies and service standards; in the identification of needs; and in the evaluation of overall program effectiveness. Work includes responsibility for implementing all mandated income maintenance programs in conformity with pertinent legislation through the exercise of direction over major CAO operations and programs. Work also includes developing and implementing procedures to insure the maximum utilization of staff, efficient workflow, work load equalization, effective training of staff, education of community agencies and organizations on the available income maintenance program services and liaison functions with County Assistance Board and other local officials. Work is performed with a high degree of independent judgement under the general administrative direction of the OIM Operations Director or the Philadelphia CAO Executive Director, as appropriate, who reviews work through conferences, reports and evaluation of the effectiveness of CAO programs and services and their conformity to the policy parameters established by the Deputy Secretary for Income Maintenance.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Plans, organizes, and administers the income maintenance program within a geographic area of the Commonwealth.

Administers, organizes, plans and directs the Allegheny CAO operations or serves as the Deputy Director of the Philadelphia CAO, which includes managing a full scale income maintenance program delivery system in a large metropolitan area and that requires multiple districts offices to provide the full range of client eligibility determination/redetermination services for financial assistance, medical assistance, food stamp and related income maintenance program services to the area.

Plans, organizes and directs, through subordinate Income Maintenance Administrators the operations of multiple CAOs, in a geographic area that provide the full range of client eligibility determination/redetermination activity for financial assistance, medical assistance, food stamp and related income maintenance program services; as well as the administrative support services functions which include office management, personnel administration, budgeting and contracting for services.

Confers with local government officials, representatives of public and private welfare groups, departmental program administrators and other interested groups on matters concerning the administration of income maintenance programs.

Attends and serves as the CAO or Departmental spokesperson at County Assistance Board meetings.

Communicates income maintenance policies and procedures and recommends changes based on review and analysis of audits, quality control and other reports.

Directs the development of CAO operational plans and budget recommendations, and oversees the departmental policies in income maintenance program operations.

Provides direction to CAO programs to insure that their objectives and resources are integrated with related community human services programs.

Develops and implements procedures to insure maximum utilization of staff and to meet personnel needs.

Administers other income maintenance program services such as, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Disability Advocacy Program and New Directions employment and training programs.

Directs the planning and development of referral and liaison services with local human service agencies to insure appropriate services to clients.

Directs the development of procedures in conjunction with local Domestic Relations Offices to establish paternity and maximize child support collections.

Directs the review and evaluation of all CAO programs and operations within the scope of income maintenance, including, but not limited to, cash assistance, medical assistance, food stamp, and related services within the geographic area.

Directs and supervises a staff that provides staff development, Income Maintenance Standard Training Program Training, refresher and mandated training program services.

Contacts other agencies and interprets the income maintenance program policies and regulations which affect those services provided by community and service provider agencies.

Ensures clients receive the full amount of benefits and services for which they are entitled.

Participates in meet and discuss labor relations meetings with union representatives.

Directs the investigation of complaints and allegations related to the operations of income maintenance programs.

Prepares reports of income maintenance programs, services, operations and problems for the Philadelphia CAO Executive Director, as appropriate, or the OIM Operations Director, and Deputy Secretary for Income Maintenance.

Meets with elected officials, county administrators, representatives from human services agencies, community citizen groups, and others to interpret provisions of current income maintenance legislation and departmental rules and regulations.

Advises administrators of county assistance offices on program deficiencies, needed improvements, and methods to meet established standards.

Provides continuous review of program budgets and contracts for services for Income Maintenance programs.

Supervises the conduct of surveys, studies and regular field staff reporting systems.

Supervises a staff of administrative/professional and clerical employees responsible for developing, monitoring, evaluating and providing technical assistance to state, county, and other providers of human services programs.

Directs and evaluates staff work performance culminating in staff Performance Evaluation Reports and makes decisions regarding office services, personnel staffing and training needs.

Prepares CAO operating budget and staffing requirements or determines formula for staff distribution among CAOs or District Offices and monitors implementation.

Prepares correspondence, compiles reports and maintains records.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the principles and practices of public welfare administration.

Knowledge of the operation of human services programs.

Knowledge of the principles and methods of program planning, organization, direction and interpretation.

Knowledge of the functions, programs and resources of Federal, state, local and private agencies and organizations as they relate to human services programs.

Knowledge of the principles of supervision and administration.

Knowledge of the principles of governmental accounting, administration, budgeting, personnel and statistics.

Ability to direct the implementation of income maintenance programs, goals, standards, policies, and departmental procedures which relate to the provision of human services.

Ability to apply the principles and practices of income maintenance program planning and evaluation, including the most recent trends and developments.

Ability to plan, organize, administer, integrate and coordinate effectively all income maintenance programs and services.

Ability to communicate with, encourage and assist community groups to act in the development of a sound organization to meet the human service needs of the community.

Ability to study, evaluate, and clarify existing income maintenance programs and to make recommendations for improvements.

Ability to promote favorable public relations at the community level with reference to the operation of CAOs.

Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, and to speak effectively in public.

Ability to plan, organize and direct the work of others.

Ability to direct the determination of clients' eligibility for the various income maintenance program services.

Ability to interpret and instruct others in the application of manual policy, procedures and regulations.

Ability to evaluate work of subordinates and to provide technical assistance and guidance.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, other CAO staff, outside agencies and organizations, and the general public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year of experience as an Income Maintenance Administrator 3;


Seven years of professional experience in public or private human services work including five years in a public welfare agency including three years in a managerial capacity in the field of income maintenance; and a bachelor's degree;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training which includes five years in a public welfare agency including three years in a managerial capacity in the field of income maintenance.