Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
43591 11 ST F3 C 725-20 09/30/2016
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JOB CODE: 43591

DEFINITION: This is responsible professional and administrative work directing the intellectual disability community services operations within an assigned geographic area for the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in the Department of Human Services (DHS).

An employee in this job plans, directs, organizes, and administers the intellectual disability community service operations within an assigned geographic area of the Commonwealth. Work includes monitoring county and administrative entities (AE) to ensure federal and state funding is appropriately expended and that federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and program requirements are appropriately applied; providing consultation to local government officials in the development, implementation, and administrative integration of community services to ensure compliance with program policies and service standards; identifying needs for community intellectual disability services; developing individual service plans to meet these needs; and evaluating overall program achievements. An employee in this job works closely with local government officials and various organizations and groups to articulate departmental, state, and federal rules, regulations, policies, procedures, program initiatives, priorities, and laws and develops and implements all mandated community intellectual disabilities programs within a geographic region. Work includes overseeing programmatic and fiscal quality assurance reviews and the provision of technical assistance to local government and AEs. Supervision is exercised over professional staff, and work is reviewed under the general direction of an administrative supervisor through conferences and reports.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (NOTE: The examples of work are representative of the work, but every position classified to this job may not perform all examples of work listed. Conversely, this is not an all-inclusive list of work examples.):

• Provides administrative direction to county programs and AEs in such areas as resource allocation, program evaluation, budget approval, and staffing needs.

• Represents ODP in coordinating community intellectual disability services, programs, and functions within the assigned geographic area.

• Directs and oversees local government, AE, and service provider performance through monitoring and ongoing interaction and evaluation of services.

• Participates as a member of the ODP senior management team to advise on the development of policy and implementation plans.

• Negotiates budget amounts with service providers and evaluates the providers' ability to provide the required services.

• Directs the AE’s processing of involuntary commitments and transfers to State Centers and ensures those admissions comply with existing law, regulations, and departmental policy.

• Interprets legislation and departmental rules and regulations for elected officials and other interested parties.

• Reviews program budgets and contracts to determine if funding allocated for intellectual disability services and programs is sufficient to ensure program effectiveness.

• Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

• An employee in this job may participate in the performance of subordinates’ work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

• Performs related work as required.


• Knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to intellectual disability programs.

• Knowledge of the principles, dynamics, and structure of intellectual disability community organizations and agencies.

• Knowledge of the principles and practices of employee supervision.

• Ability to read and interpret policies, procedures, and regulations.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: (NOTE: Based on the Entry Level Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities):

• Six years of professional experience providing, developing, or evaluating human services programs to individuals with intellectual disabilities, which includes two years in a supervisory capacity; and a bachelor’s degree;


• An equivalent combination of experience and training, which includes two years of professional supervisory experience serving the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.