Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
45142 11 ST A3 C 759-01 02/28/2020
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JOB CODE: 45142

DEFINITION: This is responsible administrative and managerial work in the field of disability determination.

The employee in this job directs the branch office operations of the Bureau of Disability Determination. Work involves directing the implementation of statewide programs, objectives, policies, and procedures; assisting the director in the development and recommendation of proposed legislation and Social Security Administration regulations and program initiatives; and assisting with communications to the public, local governments, commonwealth and federal agencies, and national organizations. Work includes identifying operational changes for compliance with policies, rules, and regulations; developing work processes and standards to improve efficiency in the adjudication of disability claims; and evaluating the overall service delivery performance of the individual branch offices. Supervision is exercised over managerial staff in the branch offices. Work is assigned in the form of broad program goals and objectives and the employee exercises independence in establishing procedures, strategies, and priorities within federal and state laws and regulations. Work is reviewed through periodic meetings with the director for overall program quality and attainment of goals.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (NOTE: The examples of work are representative of the work, but every position classified to this job may not perform all examples of work listed. Conversely, this is not an all-inclusive list of work examples.):

• Develops strategies that effectively respond to changes in federal and state laws and regulations governing the disability determination program.

• Ensures uniformity of claims processing operations and procedures/practices/methods/outcomes/other among the branch offices.

• Advises branch offices on the appropriate implementation of policies, procedures, and guidelines to meet bureau goals and objectives.

• Establishes goals and objectives of program performance for disability determination branch offices, monitors performance, and implements corrective measures to meet goals and objectives.

• Confers with Disability Adjudication Administrators and Disability Physician Administrators to resolve program deficiencies, discuss causes of recurring problems, and recommend solutions.

• Functions as the director in the director’s absence.

• Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

• The employee in this job may participate in the performance of subordinates’ work consistent with organizational and operational requirements.

• Performs related work as required.


• Knowledge of Social Security disability laws, regulations, and claim adjudication principles and practices.

• Knowledge of principles and methods used in program analysis.

• Knowledge of methods used in directing the conduct of special studies.

• Knowledge of current social, economic, and health problems with emphasis on their impact on disabling conditions.

• Knowledge of the principles and methods of administrative processes.

• Knowledge of the principles and practices of employee supervision.

• Knowledge of physical and mental illnesses and impairments as they relate to social and vocational life activities (or other).

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: (NOTE: These are expected of an employee performing the work of this job at the full performance level. These are not used for merit system evaluation or examination purposes and are not position-specific performance standards.):

• Ability to evaluate policies and procedures to make recommendations for improvement and implementation.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: (NOTE: Based on the Entry Level Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities):

• One year as a Disability Adjudication Administrator or an Administration and Programs Director (commonwealth titles);


• Two years as a Disability Program Manager (commonwealth title);


• One year of professional supervisory and administrative experience directing the medical evaluation of disability claims.