Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
52210 06 ST B4 C 670-29 04/06/2007
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04/06/2007 52210


DEFINITION: This is professional entomology work in a field and laboratory setting.

An employee in this job performs entomology work in the areas of laboratory analysis, field survey, quarantine, pest management, and identification. Work includes participating in the design and implementation of studies, surveys and related activities including life or seasonal history studies; qualitative, quantitative, and detection surveys for pests or potential pests; and pest management strategies or systems. Work at this level involves assisting an Entomologist 2 or other higher level staff with the development of studies and establishment of survey protocols. Work is assigned in the form of studies, surveys, inspections and related duties, and is reviewed through written/oral reports and direct observation.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Implements assigned insect surveys to determine presence, distribution, population level, and host range of pests or potential pests.

Implements life or seasonal history studies of insects to document their parasites and predators, habits, reproduction cycles, and modes of dispersal.

Prepares and provides reports on survey and identification results to Department personnel, other state agencies, and members of the scientific community.

Delivers presentations concerning the nature, status, or results of Department projects to grower groups, government agencies, university groups, media outlets, and others.

Identifies bee diseases, parasites, and the presence of Africanized bees.

Analyzes data to identify trends in insect diseases and parasites.

Provides input into the development of pest control recommendations based on results of pest control studies.

Receives and responds to public questions and concerns regarding pest control problems.

Trains and provides guidance to lower-level technical employees in pest identification, pest management strategies, and pest survey/detection issues.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the principles and practices of entomology and related fields including bee diseases, parasites and bee strains.

Knowledge of pest management methods and procedures used to control plant pests.

Knowledge of standard methods used in arthropod identification and taxonomy.

Knowledge of standard laboratory procedures and practices.

Knowledge of standard insect collection methods.

Knowledge of the methods used to compile and analyze technical data.

Knowledge in the use of taxonomic keys for insect and arthropod identification.

Ability to use laboratory equipment for insect and arthropod identification.

Ability to interpret state and federal rules and regulations governing the control of insects and parasites infecting plant life or apiaries.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year experience as a Plant Industry Laboratory Technician;


A bachelor’s degree that includes 15 credits in entomology, horticulture, forestry, or related agricultural or entomology subjects.