Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
75935 11 ST B3 C 695-05 06/13/2011
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06/13/2011 75935


DEFINITION: This is professional managerial work directing the operations of a district mining office in the Department of Environmental Protection.

An employee in this job directs, through subordinate supervisors, the activities of a professional and administrative staff engaged in the regulation of activities related to the removal, processing and handling of mineral resources at mining facilities within an assigned geographic area. Work involves determining goals, objectives and priorities; implementing rules, regulations, policies and procedures to effectively manage program activities and legislated mandates; and preparing budgetary requests and managing a district budget. An important aspect of the work is coordinating permitting, monitoring, and compliance functions within the district. Work also involves working with federal, state, local and private industry officials concerning mining and reclamation issues. Work is assigned in the form of broad program goals and objectives, and employees exercise considerable independent judgment in determining specific goals and priorities. Work is reviewed upon completion by a professional manager through reports and conferences for attainment of goals and objectives and overall program quality.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Directs, through subordinate supervisors, the planning, development, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of mining program activities encompassing monitoring and compliance, permitting, reclamation, bonding, blasting, and safety.

Directs the implementation of policies, technical standards, and procedures for permitting, monitoring, enforcement and technical assistance activities for the mining and reclamation programs.

Resolves conflicts between work units within the district office and facilitates coordination with other district offices, field operations environmental protection programs, and federal regulatory and resource agencies.

Reviews and analyzes reports to determine work being performed and program trends and to evaluate program effectiveness. Interprets rules, regulations, policies, procedures, standards, and objectives to subordinates.

Provides advice to staff on unusual or difficult technical and managerial problems.

Reviews water, air quality, and waste management permit applications related to mining activities for compliance with regulations and takes final action on permit.

Reviews mining plans and permit applications for technical and environmental considerations and issues or denies the permit.

Directs the development of total maximum daily load limits for waterways impaired by mining activities and ensures that water permits issued by staff comply with the approved total maximum daily load limits.

Directs the implementation of the Commonwealth’s explosives regulatory program by approving or disapproving applications for explosives storage and use.

Evaluates the impact of oil and natural gas drilling on regulated mining activities.

Evaluates long-term acid mine drainage treatment obligations and takes measures to assure that long-term financial assurance of treatment operations is provided.

Negotiates the terms of the trust agreement and the structure of trust fund finances.

Monitors and analyzes the fiscal performance of trust funds, authorizes disbursements from the trust funds to pay for the operation and maintenance of treatment facilities or construction of capital improvement projects, and recommends renegotiation in order to maintain acceptable fiscal levels.

Negotiates surety reclamation agreements for bond forfeiture cases.

Supervises the development of contracts for the reclamation of abandoned mine sites and approves scope of work contracts including required materials and proposed budgets.

Reviews bids for contracts related to primary bond forfeiture reclamation and post-mining discharge treatment projects at abandoned mine sites.

Manages contractor performance on reclamation projects and post-mining discharge treatment projects at abandoned mine sites, reviews invoices and authorizes payments, and approves work change orders.

Approves enforcement actions taken against mine operators, reviews enforcement cases settled out of court for uniformity and appropriateness, and directs the issuance of consent order and agreements for settlement of enforcement cases.

Represents the district in enforcement actions.

Testifies as an expert witness before courts or the Environmental Hearing Board.

Represents the district in dealings with federal officials and other Commonwealth agencies.

Responds to public comments or complaints.

Develops and delivers speeches and presentations to special interest groups, legislators, media and the public on office programs.

Travels to various field sites.

Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

Employees in this job may participate in the performance of their subordinates’ work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures governing mineral resource management.

Knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques utilized in mining and mine reclamation.

Knowledge of the biological, chemical and physical sciences as related to mining and reclamation.

Knowledge of the procedures and techniques utilized in the inspection of facilities for compliance with permit conditions.

Knowledge of standard enforcement procedures and policies for ensuring compliance with environmental protection rules and regulations.

Knowledge of the safety precautions required for mining and mine reclamation work.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to analyze and interpret administrative rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Ability to read and interpret drawings and specifications used in mine designs and reclamation projects.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Eight years of professional experience in mineral resource management that includes three years of technical supervisory experience; and a bachelor’s degree in an engineering or scientific field related to mineral resources;


An equivalent combination of education and experience in mineral resource management that includes three years of technical supervisory experience.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Certain positions will require possession of a valid Professional Engineer license or a valid Professional Geologist license issued by the Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.

Certain positions require possession of a valid PA non-commercial Class C driver’s license or equivalent.