Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
76090 11 ST G3 N 999-99 12/01/2014
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08/01/1990 76090


DEFINITION: This is responsible administrative work in the overall management of a statewide cost-effective fire loss management system.

The employee in this class is responsible for coordinating activities of state, regional, county and local fire community interests engaged in fire safety activities, and serves as the focal point to serve the Governor's interests in matters pertaining to fire safety. Work includes developing scenarios which accurately reflect and strategically attack the fire problem to reduce fire deaths, injuries, incidents, and related economic loss. Work also includes the overall supervision of the State Fire Academy and Volunteer Loan Assistance Program. Employee functions with considerable latitude under the supervision of the Director, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Develops programs of public education and information designed to create an expanded awareness of the incidence and ravages of fire and the mitigation efforts that can be taken by individuals to alleviate such losses, and implements those programs on a statewide or selected-area basis.

Identifies and, as authorized, seeks out funding sources as they become available and serves as a recipient of Federal and/or state grants and other funds, public and private, for statewide or selected-area fire safety programs and manages such funds.

Assists the Agency legislative liaison with the Governor and General Assembly on matters pertaining to fire safety and fire service personnel.

Serves as the Director's staff advisor for information pertaining to fires, deaths, injuries and property damage and disseminates, through periodic reports, information about fire prevention efforts and fire control techniques.

Implements a firefighter certification program to enhance firefighter health and safety.

Works with Agency and other state agency staff on emergency response functions consistent with guidance and established procedures, as the Director's advisor, in the state Emergency Operations Center.

Reviews and recommends revisions to update state administrative and emergency operations plan documents.

Confers with Federal officials with respect to the coordination and delivery of programs.

Attends educational sessions and major tests of fire safety technology, equipment, and techniques pertaining to fire prevention, fire protection and fire suppression systems.

Reviews major fire disasters nationally to analyze the role of fire/emergency services on the scene to determine how the incident relates to similarities in Pennsylvania. Submits appropriate reports of findings to the Agency Director.

Provides technical assistance and consultation to interstate and intrastate fire community representatives on the practical application of technology to achieve certain goals or solutions.

Performs a variety of public relations functions, with agency/administration approval, including interviews with news media, assistance to the Press Secretary in developing statewide news releases pertaining to timely fire safety subjects, and attendance at various national and state conferences.

Travels statewide speaking before community organizations.

Recruits cadres of volunteers for advisory boards, task forces, and committees and directs their activities in fire prevention and protection.

Establishes office policy and directs the overall programs of the office and its personnel. Establishes program priorities and the major thrusts of effort for the State Fire Commissioner's Office, the State Fire Academy, and the Volunteer Loan Assistance Program.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the theory, principles, techniques and practices of firefighting, fire protection and fire prevention.

Knowledge of the statewide system of fire services both municipal and volunteer, and resources available and their ability to respond.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of personnel administration and public administration.

Ability to develop programs, policies and procedures for the education of firefighters and the public.

Ability to review and evaluate the effectiveness of public education activities related to fire protection and prevention.

Ability to stimulate interest in and speak effectively on fire prevention and protection.

Ability to plan, organize, and direct the activities and evaluate the performance of subordinate employees.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other departments of state government, municipal and volunteer fire departments, private agencies, local officials and the general public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Eight years of experience in responsible fire service positions including four years in an administrative or supervisory capacity, and a bachelor's degree;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.