Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
93240 07 ST G1 N 541-RP 09/01/1994
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05/01/1987 93240


DEFINITION: This is supervisory and specialized mechanic work in the inspection of maintenance and repair of aircraft.

An employee in this class has responsibility for supervision and inspection of highly skilled work in repairing and maintaining aircraft and related equipment. Employee works under the general supervision of the Flight Services Manager, but uses independent judgment concerning all methods of maintenance and repair and/or inspection after receiving oral or written order relating to work to be done. Employee ensures that all work performed on aircraft adheres to standards and policies set by state and federal aviation authorities and supervises Aircraft Mechanics in the performance of aircraft maintenance duties. Employee checks work of Aircraft Mechanics by inspection and testing the operation of aircraft on ground after completion of repairs and aircraft being returned to service.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Supervises and participates in the repair and overhaul of aircraft engines, landing gear, and other operating parts of aircraft.

Ensures that equipment and tools used in the maintenance and repair of aircraft are kept in proper repair.

Assures that the aircraft is cleaned and washed, serviced with gasoline and oil, and that aircraft radios are serviced and adjusted.

Ensures aircraft hangars and related facilities and equipment are kept clean and properly maintained.

Inspects aircraft in accordance with schedules established by the Federal Aviation Administration to see that all operating parts are functioning correctly and that its operation conforms to the state and federal operating standards; prepares required inspection and work reports and maintains all records of inspection performed.

Supervises the testing of aircraft operated by taxiing and making engine run-ups on the ground; assures that a log book of operation are maintained.

Supervises full time aircraft mechanics to include assigning work, accomplishing employee performance evaluation and approving leave.

Directs operation of computerized parts inventory system and computerized systems relating to aircraft operation.

Performs related work.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the methods materials, and tools and standard practice of aircraft mechanic trade.

Knowledge of the principles, practices, and precautions of aircraft operation and aero dynamics and the affects of aero dynamics on aircraft maintenance.

Knowledge of the operation and repair of two-way radio equipment and of automated instrument landing systems equipment.

Knowledge of state and Federal regulations covering the operation, maintenance, repair, and inspection of aircraft.

Knowledge in EDP and systems operation for various applications relating to aircraft inventory and aircraft operations.

Ability to locate and correct defects in the operating parts of aircraft.

Ability to understand and effectively carry out written and oral instructions.

Ability to operate aircraft on the ground to test its operation.

Ability to inspect aircraft and to apply standards set by federal and state agencies.

Ability to repair and maintain tools and equipment used in aircraft maintenance, adjustment, and repair.

Ability to effectively communicate instructions to subordinates, plan and layout job assignments.

Ability to evaluate employee work performance and prepare Employee Performance Evaluation Reports.

Ability to establish and manage inventory system for aircraft and related parts and equipment.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Six years of experience as an aircraft mechanic including one year of experience performing aircraft inspections, and completion of an accredited course in aircraft mechanics; and such training as may have been gained through graduation from a standard high school or vocational school;


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a current Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Inspectors' Authorization, and possession of a current FAA issued Airframe and Power Plant license.