Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
93850 05 ST J1 B 783-02 03/31/2021
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JOB CODE: 93850

DEFINITION: This is specialized and skilled work in the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of industrial, commercial, or multi-unit residential generators.

An employee in this job diagnoses, troubleshoots, and repairs mechanical and electrical problems in standby and portable generators, light towers, and associated components. Work involves diagnosing and troubleshooting diesel, gas, and propane generator engine fuel systems; repairing and replacing fuel systems and fuel system components; diagnosing, repairing, replacing, and calibrating electronic controls and sensors; commissioning new generators; and implementing and maintaining a corresponding preventive maintenance program. Work also includes the installation of standby generators and transfer switches in collaboration with other trades employees. Work is performed independently and is reviewed upon completion for adherence to guidelines and to quality and timeliness standards.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (NOTE: The examples of work are representative of the work, but every position classified to this job may not perform all examples of work listed. Conversely, this is not an all-inclusive list of work examples.)

• Diagnoses, repairs, and maintains components of generators and light towers, including engines, alternators, fuel systems, voltage regulators, cooling and exhaust systems, lubrication systems, battery chargers, control panels, transfer switches, and their respective components.

• Utilizes computerized equipment to diagnose and troubleshoot generator failure conditions, including mechanical faults and problems with onboard electronics such as control panels, computer control units, circuitry, and sensors.

• Diagnoses and troubleshoots generator engine fuel system problems; and repairs and replaces fuel systems, including diesel fuel injectors, pumps, and other related components.

• Troubleshoots, repairs, replaces, and maintains transfer switches.

• Coordinates with other trades employees to install concrete pads, place generator equipment, and connect electrical feeds from generators into buildings.

• Coordinates with manufacturer representatives to commission and test new generators.

• Establishes, maintains, and conducts a preventive maintenance program for generators, light plants, and transfer switches to include maintaining an asset inventory, placing existing equipment on a regular service schedule, and adding new equipment to the service schedule.

• Performs and logs regular preventive maintenance, including load-bank testing, checking for leaks and worn parts, taking oil samples, ordering and installing replacement parts, making adjustments and enhancements, and inspecting the operation of equipment.

• Utilizes hand tools and electronic testing equipment such as computerized diagnostic equipment, ohmmeters, voltmeters, and multimeters.

• Reads, interprets, and applies electrical and mechanical schematics and manufacturer manuals in the installation, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair of generators and transfer switches.

• Sets up portable generators and light towers; transports equipment, tools, and fluids to and from worksites.

• Utilizes personal protective equipment and follows safety procedures, including lockout-tagout.

• Operates motorized vehicles.

• An employee in this job participates in the performance of other trade tasks consistent with operational and organizational requirements.

• Performs related work as required.


• Knowledge of the operation of generator systems and components.

• Knowledge of the methods, practices, techniques, and tools used to diagnose, repair, and maintain generators.

• Knowledge of the methods, practices, and techniques used to diagnose and repair fuel system malfunctions.

• Knowledge of the methods, practices, and techniques used to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, and replace diesel injection pumps and injectors.

• Knowledge of internal combustion engine repair and maintenance.

• Knowledge of electricity as it applies to the interface between generators and transfer switches, and their connection to buildings and the electrical power supply.

• Knowledge of the hazards and safety practices of the electrical trade.

• Knowledge of the use and functionality of Microsoft Office Suite software.

• Ability to read and interpret electrical measuring devices.

• Ability to read and interpret electrical and mechanical blueprints, drawings, and schematics.

• Ability to perform math functions including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

• Ability to operate a motor vehicle.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

• Ability to communicate effectively orally.

• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: (NOTE: Based on the Entry Level Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities)

• Three years of skilled experience in the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of generators, which includes one year of skilled experience in the diagnosis and repair of diesel generators;


• An equivalent combination of experience and training, which includes one year of skilled experience in the diagnosis and repair of diesel generators.


• All positions require possession of an active motor vehicle license.