Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
00001 50 XH A7 C 999-99 07/01/2000

01/01/1992 00001



This is limited-term, routine clerical work involving the processing of documents in a variety of functions.

An employee in this class performs within a structured work setting as a replacement for full-time employees on extended leave, or during emergency workload situations. Work is repetitive and production oriented, within well established operating procedures and guidelines. Work is closely supervised in process and upon completion.


Files and retrieves materials by systematically sorting and storing documents alphabetically, numerically, chronologically, or using similar filing methods.

Logs or records the amount, type, disposition, and number of incoming or outgoing mail, forms, documents, phone calls, etc.

Opens and sorts mail into designated categories placing it into labeled boxes or receptacles for the organizational segment or address.

Wraps, packages, seals, and ties mail into bundles and places mail bundles into bags to be delivered to designated locations.

Weighs mail to determine the proper amount of postage needed and ensures mails are properly labeled and legible.

Operates office and mail processing machines such as the typewriter, video display terminal, transcriber, adding machine, sorter, photo-copier, tele-copier, postage meter, addressograph,
stamping machine, envelope stuffing machine, and labeling machine under conditions of work which don't require any prior familiarity in use.

Prepares labels to identify the contents of packages, file folders, mail, booklets, etc.

Folds letters, documents, or circulars, and stuffs into envelopes.

Codes documents, forms, records, etc. for identification, reference, and filing.

Receives applications, documents, forms, and fees directly from the public and screens, sorts, and assembles for further processing.

Proofreads typed documents to insure typographical accuracy.

Performs receptionist duties by greeting visitors, directing individuals to proper office locations, taking information, and screening and routing telephone calls.

Transfer information onto forms, form letters, cards, envelopes, labels, charts, and transmittals.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of the English alphabet, Arabic numbering system, and chronological sequences by day, month, and year.

Ability to perform within prescribed office procedures, maintain harmonious working relationships, and function according to standard work practices and conduct.

Ability to read simple sentences or phrases written in the English language.

Ability to understand and follow detailed oral and written instructions.

Ability to sort or group materials into different categories based on sameness, omission, uniformity, or other conditions.

Ability to keep categorical log records on such information as the amount, type or disposition of materials or individuals.

Ability to file and retrieve materials by matching the item category with the appropriate file heading.

Ability to transfer information accurately from one source to another.

Ability to proofread the straight transfer of information for accuracy and to correct copying errors.

Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations such as the adding and subtracting of whole numbers and decimals; and multiplying and dividing by one digit whole number or decimal multipliers and divisors.

Ability to use code reference sheets in assigning numbers, letters, symbols to corresponding items for direct cross reference.

Ability to learn the operation of office and mail processing machines such as the typewriter, adding machine, photo-copier, postage meter, and addressograph.

Sufficient physical dexterity to allow performance of clerical work such as filing, sorting papers and opening mail.


Possession of the required knowledge and abilities.