Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
01541 07 ST A4 C 677-26 01/01/2010

01/01/2010 01541


DEFINITION: This is technical information technology (IT) work providing a variety of IT support functions.

An employee in this job performs IT duties in at least two of the following technical areas: applications development; networking; website support; or IT support and administration services. Work at this level includes work appropriate to at least one of the following specialized jobs: Applications Developer 1, Network Specialist 1, or Web Specialist 2; or IT technical responsibilities of comparable scope and complexity in IT support and administration services which may include procurement, planning, security, training, project management support, quality assurance/quality management, release management, asset management, technical writing, or data or database support. Work may involve serving as the point of contact for all IT needs, typically in a field location or business area, where work includes at least one technical element appropriate to this level. Work may include lead work responsibilities over Information Technology Technicians. Work is generally performed in a networked environment and involves the application of technical IT principles to manage information for the business area in accordance with Commonwealth and agency standards. Duties are performed with considerable independence and are subject to review by an administrative or technical supervisor for quality of applications developed, the operational performance of the network, or other IT support services being provided.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Examples of work for positions performing applications development, network support and administration, and web support are consistent with those in the Applications Developer 1, Network Specialist 1, or Web Specialist 2 jobs.

Recommends and coordinates the purchase of software and hardware needed to upgrade agency capability consistent with the agency’s IT strategic plan.

Recommends desktop software and hardware purchases, systems integration and installation, and the use of hardware and software.

Prepares cost/benefit analyses of existing and proposed projects.

Resolves or escalates acquisition problems.

Participates in the development of contract specifications and monitors contractor performance.

Participates in the development of the IT strategic plan through coordination with agency managers to align IT systems with the agency’s mission.

Researches, analyzes, reports, and makes recommendations on the capabilities and limitations of industry technologies relative to the environment.

Updates and makes revisions to the IT continuity of government plan.

Participates in IT continuity of government tests and in risk assessment analysis for systems and applications.

Assists in implementing, administering, and maintaining system security standards, policies, and procedures.

Instructs users on information security threats and security procedures and the proper usage of information technology resources.

Participates in the investigation, analysis, and resolution of end-user security and resource access control problems.

Assists with security assessment and audit reviews and in the implementation and enforcement of security assessment and audit procedures.

Audits security event logs to determine security violations and takes appropriate action.

Assesses and recommends the most appropriate training option, such as in-house, out-service, and on-line, to address specific training needs.

Develops original training materials, manuals, bulletins, on-line help, video, and other user aids.

Conducts formal in-service classroom IT training for users and technical staff.

Maintains and recommends ongoing improvements to the agency’s project management methodology processes, standards, and associated documentation.

Supports project and portfolio management tools and customizes project and portfolio management software products used by the agency.

Develops training on the use of project management tools and processes.

Participates in risk assessment activities to assess uncertainties and anticipate barriers or gaps that may impact the success of the project.

Assists project managers in ensuring proper required technical skills and staff resources are available to complete assigned projects within established time frames.

Ensures that projects are clearly defined and that proper project management procedures and methods are used on existing projects and corrects deficiencies.

Reviews project plans and tracks current status of projects.

Resolves or escalates project related issues that may include project status and progress via project metrics, risk mitigations, contingencies, changes in scope, timeframe concerns, and program area or development issues.

Manages IT projects following the agency’s or Commonwealth’s project management methodology.

Assists in the preparation and finalization of Community of Practice project proposals.

Develops quality assurance procedures, including data security, backup and recovery, and systems controls.

Creates unit, system, and user acceptance documents and plans and performs regression testing.

Performs quality audits across IT functions to ensure quality standards are being met.

Identifies release risks and issues and works to resolve them.

Maintains the application release archive and auditable documentation and sign-offs for all projects and items for release.

Performs configurations and deployments of new software releases to pre-production environments.

Ensures that releases are conducted in compliance with the standards and policies governing testing, verification, configuration, and deployment.

Develops and maintains hardware and software asset management procedures, processes, systems, and measurements and makes recommendations on asset management activities and decisions.

Analyzes the needs of the target audience and develops, maintains, standardizes, or revises technical documents, user guides, release notes, help systems, document libraries, and documentation portals.

Assists data or database staff involved in designing and maintaining data or database systems.

Functions as a lead worker for limited technical IT work by assigning and reviewing work, training employees, and performing quality control functions for the work.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of information technology concepts and practices.

Knowledge of the component parts of personal computers, peripherals, servers, and their associated functionality.

Knowledge of the functions and capabilities of hardware and software.

Knowledge of troubleshooting techniques.

Knowledge of the use and interpretation of diagnostic utility programs used in troubleshooting problems.

Knowledge of networking concepts.

Knowledge of application development concepts.

Knowledge of database concepts.

Knowledge of web development concepts.

Knowledge of the principles of information technology project management.

Knowledge of information technology security principles.

Knowledge of research principles and techniques to identify business requirements and solutions to problems.

Knowledge of hardware and software testing methods.

Knowledge of the principles and techniques of information technology documentation.

Knowledge of information technology systems performance monitoring techniques.

Ability to analyze business processes to identify functional requirements.

Ability to read and interpret technical materials such as specifications, technical manuals, and other project documentation.

Ability to identify correct logic relationships and statements.

Ability to analyze information in order to diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems.

Ability to communicate effectively orally.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year as an Information Technology Trainee or Information Technology Technician;


One year of information technology experience in applications development or applications maintenance, networking or desktop services, web site development or web site design, or other information technology support/administration services, and an associate's degree in any information technology field;


Three years of information technology experience in applications development or applications maintenance, networking or desktop services, web site development or web site design, or other information technology support/administration services;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.