Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
0501A 06 ST A3 C 711-13 11/26/2014


A - General 0501A
G - Human Resource Systems 0501G


This is human resource work in the application of technical principles and professional analysis.

An employee in this job performs professional analysis of human resource operating procedures, generally in a variety of human resource programs or segments of programs. Emphasis at this level is on administration of programs within clearly defined operational program policy. Employees function independently or may supervise a small unit of para-professional and/or clerical employees. This level is distinguished from the Human Resource Assistant job series by the need to apply professional judgment to the work and outputs which can take the form of analysis, reports and program recommendations. Supervisory positions usually involve program accountability for a human resource processing activity. Work is reviewed by a professional supervisor who reviews completed work outputs, correspondence, reports, and recommendations for quality and adherence to program policy and guidelines.


Modifies existing training course methods or materials and presents established training courses to agency employees.

Conducts classification desk audits of positions, reviews appropriate job specifications, and recommends a classification determination.

Serves as the benefits coordinator for a small agency or large field facility including responsibility for employee benefits, leave, disability, and related programs.

Counsels employees on the SEAP and other benefit programs and employment separation options and benefits.

Investigates employee grievances through interviews, record reviews, and on-site examination, evaluates complaints and prepares detailed analysis and recommendations.

Evaluates employment applications and evaluation guides to provide recruitment and placement information to managers, employees and applicants; evaluates applications for admittance to statewide testing programs; and assists managers in selecting placement options for filling vacant positions, writing position descriptions, preparing interview questions.

Serves as the Sick, Parental, and Family Care (SPF) coordinator for an agency; reviews SPF eligibility, entitlement, and medical documentation to approve or reject requests; interprets SPF policies and procedures and provides guidance to supervisors and employees; provides information about absence related issues to labor relations staff; and provides factual testimony during hearings regarding SPF-related documentation and correspondence.


Performs specialist work in the Automated Human Resource/Payroll System such as evaluating and adapting the processing procedures of an agency to the processes and procedures of the automated system.

Evaluates processing problems identified by transactions input staff and researches ways to resolve the problem, generally by writing new procedures and informing/training staff.

Performs related work as required.



Knowledge of the basic principles, methods and techniques of public human resource administration.

Knowledge of the basic principles and practices of public administration.

Knowledge of basic personal computer principles and common software.

Ability to read, interpret, and apply human resource policies as stated in rules, regulations, contracts, and other controlling procedures.

Ability to gather, assemble, correlate, and analyze facts and to prepare technical analyses and recommendations.

Ability to prepare technical reports of field investigations.

Ability to apply the principles and techniques of human resource administration to a variety of occupational groupings and to human resource functional processes.

Ability to read, write, and communicate orally in English.

Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with associates, supervisors, operating and staff service officers, representatives of employee organizations, employees, and members of the general public.

Ability to learn civil service and non-civil service rules, evaluation and selection criteria, and the principles and practices of employee recruitment and placement.


Knowledge of system processes and human resource rules governing human resource action processing.

Skill in the use of a keyboard to input and/or retrieve information from a mainframe or PC system.

Ability to extract human resource data from an automated system to prepare management reports and analysis.


One year of experience in the performance of technical human resource duties; and a bachelor's degree;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.