Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
05620 04 ST A3 C 628-25 09/07/2001

09/07/2001 05620


DEFINITION: This is beginning level para-professional work in the field of public human resource.

An employee in this class performs clerical and limited technical duties in the field of public human resource work. Work involves performing test proctoring, performance evaluation and class history records maintenance, pay survey questionnaire reporting, cost and other numeric forecasting, employee benefits and human resource transactions processing, and activities of a similar level characteristic of the human resource system. Work includes person-to-person communications with job applicants, other employees, program officials, and the public to gather and impart information. Work may include formal and on-the-job training in any or all of the various aspects of public human resource work, including classification, compensation, benefits, examination development, recruitment, placement, selection, labor relations, manpower planning, employee training, and human resource management systems operations. Work is distinguished from that in the various clerical series by involvement either in the full scope of human resource functions or in technical specialization in one or more human resource functions beyond clerical processing duties. Regularly assigned clerical duties are performed with considerable independence. Close and continuing supervision is provided in assignments of a technical nature.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Greets visitors, ascertains their needs, provides employment information or other information as required, furnishes applicants with required forms and assistance in filling them out; schedules appointments and examinations; administers and scores written and performance tests, orients applicants to aptitude scores, explains to applicants how they performed in various areas of tests, verifies test scores, records and files results, and prepares correspondence providing information about dates of examinations test results, and location and agencies where classes are used.

Maintains files of class specifications, updates classification and compensation plans, maintains log of human resource actions, greets visitors, makes and cancels appointments, schedules classification appeal hearings, and maintains class history files; assists in individual classification determinations or in occupational surveys of limited scope where work situations and organizations are relatively stable, reviews position descriptions to determine proper classification, observes and conducts classification interviews to learn techniques, writes draft position description and classification reports, and obtains and compiles salary data as a basis for pay recommendations.

Performs varied clerical work in the administration of the human resource program in such areas as resolving non-payment of health and life insurance benefits, retirement annuity, and workmen's compensation; controls the employee performance evaluation system for an agency; prepares correspondence to insurance companies, employees, agency officials, and the public to give information or resolve questions and/or misunderstandings; assists more experienced employees in administering and developing employee benefits and services by performing clerical and limited technical support tasks in counseling employees, searching files, reviewing pertinent literature, compiling data, and preparing preliminary drafts and summaries.

Assists in the development of examination programs by performing a number of limited technical tasks, such as extracting appropriate examination materials from files, evaluating and rating applications, or editing examination materials.

Assists in a recruitment program, performing preliminary evaluation of employment applications, participating with experienced employees in applicant interviews, and making tentative recommendations regarding employment.

Assists in a state-wide or agency training program; performs limited technical duties, as assigned, in the development and conduct of training needs surveys; schedules enrolles in training programs, providing information required by enrolles; participates in role- playing and other training techniques; operates audio-visual equipment; assists in evaluation of training programs, including development of criteria; drafts correspondence and provides other administrative and clerical support for both in-house and off-site training programs.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of individual and group behavior and ways of working effectively with people.

Knowledge of English grammar and expression at the level acceptable for high school graduation.

Ability to perform basic arithmetical computations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, including the use of decimals and fractions.

Ability to read and comprehend human resource procedures, rules, and regulations.

Ability to assess accuracy and completeness of information and data and draw reasonable conclusions there from.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: One year of clerical or other comparable experience which involved obtaining, providing, and evaluating information in accordance with established standards;


An equivalent combination of experience and training.