Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
07415 06 ST F4 C 645-09 10/10/2003

10/10/2004 07415



This is professional work in the area of child support enforcement.

An employee in this class performs a variety of regulatory functions in support of the Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement Program (CSEP). Work involves providing technical assistance and guidance to county Domestic Relations Sections (DRS) in the operation of the CSEP including direction in the use of information technology systems and interpretation of program regulations, policies and procedures. Work also involves responding to complaints and legislative inquiries, implementing specialized child support programs, identifying trends of noncompliance with regulations and procedures, making recommendations to settle child support claims, and reviewing administrative or court hearing decisions to determine the impact on the child support program and information technology systems. Work is performed under the general direction of a supervisor who evaluates work performance through conferences, review of reports and results achieved in meeting established goals and objectives.


Provides technical assistance to DRS staff in the use of information technology systems including the PA Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES) and the State Collection and Disbursement Unit (SCDU).

Analyzes PACSES problems and data integrity issues, recommends corrective actions and coordinates system changes.

Researches and responds to complaints and inquiries from federal and state officials, legislators, attorneys, welfare clients, parents and the public about CSEP regulations, policies and procedures.

Responds to complaints and inquiries via controlled correspondence and a nationwide 800 Helpline.

Reviews DRS requests for reversal of child support funds improperly distributed using the SPAM process (SCDU Payment Adjustment Management).

Approves or denies SPAM or other special payment request adjustments and provides documentation supporting the decision.

Coordinates and implements specialized enforcement programs, such as Federal and State Tax Refund Offset Program, Passport Denial, Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, Project: Save Our Children, Financial Institution Data Match, Lottery Intercept, Interstate Locate, Suspension of Professional and Driver’s Licensure and Execution of Real Estate Liens.

Analyzes child support claims and determines the feasibility for conducting investigations.

Establishes child support liability and takes steps to encumber financial resources through property liens, wage attachments and other legal actions.

Represents the Department and provides testimony at administrative
hearings, other court hearings, and child support conferences.

Prepares position papers and follow up reports.

Develops recommendations to modify departmental operating procedures.

Evaluates child support payments collected by county assistance offices (CAOs) from public assistance recipients.

Verifies appropriate method for securing child support payments.

Determines proper payee and verifies information technology system’s disbursement to the proper account.

Conducts on-site visits of DRSs and CAOs to expedite case processing and evaluate conformance to child support service delivery standards.

Operates the Pennsylvania Central Registry to facilitate information flow between the DRSs and other state agencies to establish, enforce, and modify intrastate, interstate, and international child support orders.

Assesses and conducts training for county agency staff on information technology systems and CSEP issues.

Performs related work as required.


Ability to apply techniques used for gathering information and initiating action to locate legally responsible individuals and their assets.

Ability to apply legal processes and procedures necessary to bring court action against a delinquent and liable non-custodial parent.

Ability to interpret and apply federal, state and Departmental mandates, regulations, policies, and procedures for child support enforcement.

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative work relationships with DRS and CAO staff, judges, court officials, attorneys, public and private officials, public assistance clients, and the public.

Ability to provide guidance and technological assistance to CAO and DRS staff on CSEP and information technology system requirements.

Ability to apply the processes and procedures for determining the appropriate and available resources to establish and enforce child support orders against legally responsible individuals.

Ability to gather and analyze information through personal contacts and interviews and reviews of appropriate court records, correspondence, and documents.

Ability to coordinate and work with DRS staff and the courts to secure adequate child support orders from legally responsible individuals.

Ability to respond to written or verbal telephone inquiries, correspondence, or complaints regarding child support enforcement policies and procedures.

Ability to gather and present evidence or testimony at administrative child support hearings, and civil or criminal court proceedings.

Ability to review and assess the accuracy of child support enforcement information technology systems data and make appropriate determinations of case disposition.

Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and to make clear and concise statements, orally and in writing.


Four years of experience in a domestic relations office which included the interpretation, application and explanation of policies and regulations and analysis of information;


A bachelor’s degree;


An equivalent combination of experience and training including one year in a domestic relations office which included the interpretation, application and explanation of policies and regulations and analysis of information.