Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
13390 10 ST B3 C 808-05 05/31/2023

05/24/1993 13390



This is managerial work in advanced architectural, historic preservation and conservation services in support of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

The employee directs staff and contracted professional services in the Division of Architecture and Conservation involved in research, planning, design, construction observation and management of architectural projects involving contemporary buildings and preservation of historic structures, preservation maintenance programs, integrated pest management, master planning, historic structures reports, building materials analysis, building diagnostic testing, engineering, maritime preservation, landscape architecture, and mitigation archaeology; research, planning and execution of historic artifact conservation projects including surveys, environmental monitoring, finishes analysis, storage upgrades, environmental standards, disaster planning, training, artifact shipping container design, matting and re-framing, exhibit materials guidelines and standards, artifact analysis and conservation treatment; and, the execution of preservation repair and small construction projects by agency staff through projects of the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps program, and providing guidance and consultation to site maintenance staff and other programs.

The employee is a recognized expert in the design and preservation of historic structures and is familiar with Commonwealth and Federal regulations. The employee plans, directs and controls a staff of architects, architectural designers, historic preservation specialists, conservators, interns and other professionals and is responsible for the agency's architectural, conservation and preservation maintenance services. Coordinates project development with agency executives, bureau directors, the Department of General Services, the Department of Environmental Resources, the Department of Labor and Industry, contracted professionals and other agents and agencies public and private. Issues construction and maintenance bids and contracts, manages and observes construction projects. Work is reviewed for feasibility and timeliness by the bureau director and agency head.


Sets overall Division goals and objectives. Prepares long-range and strategic plans for Division programs.

Budgets, plans and administers the Division of Architecture and Conservation, its expenses, equipment, personnel and projects.

Provides personnel management for a staff of professionals and interns.

Develops policies and procedures for Division programs.

Develops interrelationships through the architectural, conservation and preservation maintenance programs, through team approaches to projects and initiatives.

Develops and coordinates plans for capital projects, preservation maintenance projects and conservation projects and sets priorities for their implementation.

Manages studies and surveys to determine construction, renovation, preservation, maintenance and conservation needs at historic sites and museums.

Prepares presentations and reports to explain concepts and progress of programs and projects in architecture, conservation and preservation maintenance.

Gives advantages and disadvantages of proposed plans or options.

Meets with Commonwealth agencies, Federal agencies, public and private agents to explain historic preservation, conservation or new architectural concepts and practices as they relate to Commonwealth historic sites, museums and properties.

Provides conceptual basis and overall direction for project design to staff.

Reviews plans and specifications for historic preservation projects, new construction and preservation maintenance projects prepared by staff, other agency professionals or contracted professionals, for adherence to historic accuracy, and compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation Projects and other applicable Federal, state and local codes, regulations and standards.

Reviews innovative or new architectural and preservation methods and materials for safety, historic or curatorial sensitivity.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledge of historical architectural styles and methods of preservation of historic structures.

Knowledge of Federal, state and local preservation laws and regulations.

Knowledge of the Secretary of Interiors Standards in the preservation of historic buildings.

Knowledge of the principles of building construction.

Knowledge of the sources of information pertaining to building materials, equipment and fixtures used in architectural construction.

Knowledge of the basic principles of conservation.

Knowledge of the methods of integration of electrical and mechanical systems into the design or preservation of buildings.

Skill in the application of the principles of architecture and historic preservation to the design and review of museums, historic buildings and other governmental facilities.

Skill in the preparation and review of architectural specifications.

Skill in the application of accepted practices and techniques of architectural design.

Skill in reading and interpreting architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical design drawings and specifications.

Skill in conducting an architectural inspection of an existing building or a project under construction and preparing technical reports or findings.

Ability to review accuracy of cost estimates.

Ability to develop and analyze sound architectural and preservation solutions to difficult or unusual problems involving architectural projects.

Ability to interpret and apply appropriate Federal, state and local codes, regulations and standards.

Ability to analyze historic preservation projects for adherence to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation Projects.

Ability to analyze conservation needs and recommendations and develop policies, standards and solutions.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, supervisors, consultants, contractors, other government officials and the general public.


Two years as an Architectural Designer 2 which includes one year of experience in historic preservation projects; and a bachelor's degree in Architecture, Architectural Engineering or closely related degree program in the field of architecture.


Two years experience in architectural work which includes one year of experience in the design and historic preservation of large commercial, institutional or educational buildings or complexes; and a bachelor's degree in Architecture, Architectural Engineering or closely related degree program in the field of architecture. A master's degree in historic preservation or master's degree in Architecture or Architectural Engineering with concentration in historic preservation may be substituted for the one year of specialized experience.