Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
60129 05 ST J2 N 571-11 09/01/1994

01/18/1992 60129


DEFINITION: This is supervisory work of Game Lands Maintenance Workers 1 and 2 in the construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, and game land management areas in the Pennsylvania Game Commission to develop new and/or maintain existing wildlife habitat areas on State Game Lands, and on private lands through cooperative agreements with land owners. Work involves the supervision of Game Lands Maintenance Workers in the following activities: maintenance and repair of equipment, facilities and grounds; operation of specialized equipment; or contacting land owners to secure agreements allowing for hunting on private land. Work involves instructing employees on the work to be performed and proper work methods and techniques for performing the work; interpreting work assignments; and interpreting rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for land management work on public and private lands. Work includes determining project necessity and making recommendations to Game Commission management staff. Work is reviewed by a Land Manager Supervisor through reports and conferences and on site inspections.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Supervises Game Lands Maintenance Workers 1 and 2 engaged in wildlife habitat development and maintenance projects including the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment, facilities, lands and roads.

Plans and organizes daily schedules and assigns work; establishes standards, prepares and signs performance evaluations for staff; interprets contractual and administrative rights and obligations for employees and ensures work environment conforms to contractual obligations; interviews prospective employees and recommends selection, or ranks applicants in terms of preferability for employment; reviews and approves or disapproves leave requests; demonstrates proper methods and techniques for performing the work; discusses safety precautions and hazards and ensures safety procedures are followed by the work crew.

Prepares rough sketches, drawings or diagrams for projects; determines the needs in terms of manpower, equipment and supplies; and notifies supervisor of requirements to complete projects.

Reviews and approves time sheets for work crew indicating time worked, leave taken, overtime worked and activities performed.

Prepares or reviews automotive equipment reports and ensures they are complete and accurate.

Prepares reports on wildlife habitat and development activities as required.

Prepares cost estimates for maintenance of minor construction activities.

Monitors sharecropping activities on State Game Lands/Other Leased Lands to ensure compliance with sharecrop agreements and best management techniques for wildlife.

Assist the Land Manager Supervisor in the development of yearly Game Lands Plan.

Obtains bids for contractual services, and recommends appropriate vendors based upon knowledge of required services.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of agricultural principles and practices utilized in establishment and maintenance of wildlife habitat enhancement/development projects.

Knowledge of forest maintenance practices, including tree and shrub species identification.

Knowledge of the operation, maintenance and proper utilization of equipment such as bulldozers, road graders and various combinations of trucks, trailers, tractors and related farm equipment and machinery.

Knowledge of the safety precautions required in the operation of equipment and the construction and maintenance of facilities.

Knowledge of the principles, methods and techniques utilized in wildlife habitat management for construction and maintenance of State Game Lands roads, trails, bridges and structures.

Knowledge of tools, equipment and machinery utilized in the maintenance and construction of roads, trails, bridges and structures.

Ability to supervise employees effectively.

Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Ability to perform the mathematical calculations used in construction, maintenance, and agricultural practices.

Ability to read and interpret collective bargaining agreements applicable to the work performed.

Ability to prepare rough sketches, drawings and diagrams for construction projects.

Ability to read and understand schematics and manuals involving equipment operation, maintenance and repair.

Ability to determine manpower needs, equipment needs and supplies for projects and to prepare the documents outlining the needs.

Ability to plan, organize and assign work crews.

Ability to exhibit sufficient physical stamina for lifting heavy objects, working under varying climatic conditions and participating in wildlife management related activities.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Graduation from high school or equivalency, and four years of maintenance and wildlife habitat development as a Game Lands Maintenance Worker 2, including one year of experience operating equipment such as bulldozers, graders and various combinations of trucks, trailers,
tractors and related farm machinery and equipment.


Any equivalent combination of experience and training which affords the applicant with the Required Knowledges, Skills and Abilities.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a Commercial Driver's License for the operation of equipment utilized by subordinates, or its current equivalent, supplemented by required endorsements as required by law.