Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Position Number:  00209014

Description Activated On:  5/8/2024 9:14:41 AM

Position Purpose:
Describe the primary purpose of this position and how it contributes to the organizationís objectives. Example: Provides clerical and office support within the Division to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively. 

Assists the District Environmental Supervisor Ė National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or Environmental Manager in all phases of environmental compliance enabling projects to begin and progress on time and assures that the Departmentís design, construction and maintenance activities are performed in compliance with state, federal and local environmental laws, regulations and requirements.

Description of Duties:
Describe in detail the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Descriptions should include the major end result of the task. Example: Types correspondence, reports, and other various documents from handwritten drafts for review and signature of the supervisor.

Assist with the coordination of the development and review of environmental documents including but not limited to non-complex categorical exclusions, technical reports, mitigation plans, etc.
Develop and maintain knowledge of environmental policies, procedures, and guidelines.
Assist with evaluating the possible impacts of transportation projects to land forms, air, noise, and water quality, water resources, existing ecological conditions, land use, recreational facilities, socio-economic resources and cultural resources.
Participate in developing and conducting public involvement activities. Includes attending and monitoring activities such as public meetings, plans displays, public hearings, public officials meeting and environmental agency meetings.
Work with various resource agencies and the public to continue to improve the Department's partnerships/relations with those customers.
Attend scoping field views and disseminate to the level of effort needed for the preparation of an environmental document. This will be accomplished by preparing the scoping field view document, preparing memos and verbal communication.
Assist with developing and conducting environmental training for the district design, construction and maintenance staff.
Maintain environmental project files and records
Assist with assessing district activities to assure compliance with all environmental laws, policies and regulations and integrating appropriate environmental compliance measures into project design, construction and maintenance activities.
Provide environmental data and support for securing required permits for District projects and activities.
Respond to requests for environmental technical assistance and guidance on field operations and activities.
Assist in monitoring construction and maintenance projects when requested and through periodic site visits.
Assist with performing specialized field work ie. wetland delineations, Phase I ESA, etc. and environmental monitoring for district projects and operations. Assist with collection of environmental data.
Assist with evaluating and commenting on proposed environmental rulemaking to determine the effect on Department operations.
Attend NEPA and related environmental training relevant to District Environmental Unit operation and program implementation.
Serve on specialized district-wide environmental task forces and work groups.
Assist supervisor in consultant selections committees including preparation and review of scopes of work, technical and price proposals and man hour estimates.
Assist supervisor in preparation for project status meetings and tracking the District Letting Schedule to set priorities and to assure environmental clearances are obtained to avoid project delays.
Educate and sensitize staff on environmental issues and assuring mitigation commitments are incorporated into final design, the plans specifications & estimate packages and construction for the non-complex projects. Assisting the supervisor for moderate and complex projects.
Assist the Environmental Unitís SEMP/MS4/Permits Section, including but not limited to permit reviews, inspections of stormwater control measures other environmental related activities.
Perform other related duties as required.

Performs other related duties as required.

1. Assess your environment and be responsible for your safety, the safety of co-workers, and the public.

2. Attend required safety training and adhere to the requirements of all safety manuals, policies, and laws.

3. Immediately report to your supervisor any incident, unsafe practice, or near miss.

4. When in an enclosed environment (office buildings, confined spaces, flagger stations, equipment pinch points, etc.), know your evacuation process and escape route, your communication protocols, and appropriately react in the event of an incident.

5. Evaluate the contractorís operations: Immediately stop any unsafe actions. Engage in an ongoing safety dialogue with the contractorís leadership.

6. Promote a CULTURE that emphasizes SAFETY as a core value: Immediately stop any unsafe actions. Incorporate safety into all discussions, deliberations, and decisions. Continuously communicate the safety direction. Inspire employees to be a MODEL for safety. Encourage and support safety initiatives and programs by participating and involving your staff. Recognize safety daily. Acknowledge EXTRAORDINARY achievements. Learn and improve through After Action Reviews (AARs). Enforce accountability.

Succession Planning:
Take an active role in succession planning by completing a Career Development Plan in collaboration with the supervisor. In conjunction with the supervisor, participate in knowledge management/transfer by identifying key aspects of the job and sharing explicit and tacit program/technical knowledge with other employees.
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):
Unless directed otherwise by your supervisor or manager, comply with stated work hours for the 7.5/8.0 hour day.

Decision Making:
Describe the types of decisions made by the incumbent of this position and the types of decisions referred to others. Identify the problems or issues that can be resolved at the level of this position, versus those that must be referred to the supervisor. Example: In response to a customer inquiry, this work involves researching the status of an activity and preparing a formal response for the supervisorís signature.

Makes some decisions independent of supervisory/managerial input for non-complex projects, such as developing appropriate study and/or research methodology for development, review of environmental plans and policies in connections with state and federal programs to insure compliance. Consults with the District Environmental Supervisor Ė NEPA or Environmental Manager when in doubt, who then provides guidance and timeframes for response. Work is then reviewed by the immediate supervisor.

Requirements Profile: Identify any specific experience or requirements, such as a licensure, registration, or certification, which may be necessary to perform the functions of the position. Position-specific requirements should be consistent with a Special Requirement or other criteria identified in the classification specification covering this position. Example: Experience using Java; Professional Engineer License


Licenses, registrations, or certifications:




Essential Functions
: Provide a list of essential functions for this position. Example: Transports boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.
 1. Performs in both office and outdoor settings, includes moderate outdoor work and moderate physical activity.
 2. Review and assess the effects of proposed and existing transportation facilities on the environment.
 3. Input/retrieve information utilizing electronic devices and operate standard office equipment.
 4. Read, write, speak, and comprehend clearly. Follow instructions effectively.
 5. Use required personal protective equipment and be responsible for its care, storage, and maintenance.
 6. Maneuver safely around moving traffic, construction equip & haz conditions & react immediately to haz warning devices such as signs, sirens & alarms
 7. Tolerate exposure to noise, adverse weather conditions, various plants and insects, and chemicals within Safety Data Sheet (SDS) limits.
 8. Travel to various locations as required, with occasional overnight travel.
 9. Develop/present and effectively conduct trainings, presentations, and briefings to individuals/groups.
 10. Sit, stand, walk, bend, kneel, stoop, reach, crawl, twist, and climb; lift and carry up to 30 pounds. Withstand periods of heavy exertion.