Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Position Number:  00285278

Description Activated On:  4/1/2024 2:51:30 PM

Position Purpose:
Describe the primary purpose of this position and how it contributes to the organization’s objectives. Example: Provides clerical and office support within the Division to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively. 

Functions as a staff assistant to the State Public Assistance Officer and carries out emergency assignments during disaster situations.

Description of Duties:
Describe in detail the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Descriptions should include the major end result of the task. Example: Types correspondence, reports, and other various documents from handwritten drafts for review and signature of the supervisor.

Assists in the development of appropriate standard operating procedures for the administration and delivery of the Federal Public Assistance Grant Program.

Establishes and maintains appropriate working relationships with federal, state, county and local governments, private organizations, and the general public.

Develops and provides public assistance training to PEMA staff and augmentees to include damage assessment, FEMA Grants Portal, Project Worksheet development, grants management, final inspections, and program review requirements and procedures.

Coordinates the delivery of public assistance with state, county, and local governments to include, but not limited to the Departments of Transportation, Environmental Protection, General Services, Insurance, Education, Historical and Museum Commission, PENNVEST, and other agencies that may play a role in the restoration of public facilities.

Reviews and recommends requests for Federal Public Assistance through the FEMA Grants Portal and State Public Assistance Officer to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Provides technical advice, information, and assistance to local governments and other public applicants applying for Federal Public Assistance
Meets with and provides assistance and guidance to public assistance applicants/sub-grantees in the administration of their disaster assistance project applications. This may require extended overnight travel.

Assists the applicants/sub-grantees with the establishment of proper record keeping ensuring well-defined audit trails.

Acts as an advocate for applicants/sub-grantees in appealing federal decisions when the appeals have sound merit and warrant reconsideration.

Assists sub-grantees in preparation of claims for reimbursement of expenditures incurred as a result of repairing, restoring, or replacing public facilities damaged or destroyed by a disaster. This may require extended overnight travel.

Initiates actions necessary for the conduct of final inspections of completed work and program reviews of Public Assistance sub-grants.

Reviews requests for advance funding and final payments in accordance with established criteria.

Prepares reports, workbooks, directives, and other materials relating to the Federal Public Assistance Program.

Conducts Program and FEMA Grants Portal training for state, county, and local officials.
Conducts or assists in the conduct of meetings, conferences, and seminars, including, as appropriate, organization and/or assistance in the organization of such sessions.

Attends meetings, conferences, seminars, and training sessions to increase knowledge of the field of work.

Initiates and responds to correspondence.

Prepares or assists in the preparation of periodic and special reports by utilizing available software programs.

Travels to and assists in observing and/or evaluating political subdivisions during evaluated
exercises. This travel may require staying overnight in the evaluated area.

Responsible for completing mandatory FEMA Independent Study Courses as requested.
IS-100 Introduction to ICS
IS-700 Introduction to NIMS
IS-800 National Response Framework
IS 2200 – Basic EOC Functions (online)

Performs related duties as required.

This employee is an Essential Worker.

May be eligible for part time telework

NOTATION OF SCHEDULE: During an emergency, employee may be required to work 12-hour shifts. Employee may have their work schedule and/or hours changed or modified based on the emergency and assignment needs. Except for emergencies, changes to schedules and work hours will be provided at least two weeks in advance.

Performs tasks to be assigned during periods of emergencies. Such tasks may differ from normal day-to-day routine. These emergency assignments are, at times, received with little or no advance notice and may last for any period of time ranging from a few hours to several weeks or more, depending on the nature of the circumstance. The emergency assignments are sometimes performed under adverse (less than favorable) conditions and may require travel to a disaster site for short or extended periods of time.

This position performs operational assignments as required during actual emergencies. Position may serve in the Commonwealth Response Coordination Center and must be available to work outside of the normal work hours, to include weekends and overnights, when activated.

Assists the Public Assistance Officer in field deployment.

Assists in the establishment of the Public Assistance Office co-located in the Disaster Field Office in the general vicinity of the designated disaster area.

Assists in the administration of the Public Assistance Program in the DFO by:

Ensuring notification of potential public disaster assistance applicants by publication of disaster notices, telephone, and correspondence that a major disaster has been declared, the specific counties designated as eligible for public assistance, the location and time of the Applicants’ Briefing, and the location of the Disaster Field Office which will serve their areas.

Conducting Applicants’ Briefing.

Participating in the scheduling of state and federal damage survey teams to ensure all damaged sites are surveyed.

Reviewing Damage Survey Reports for completeness and accuracy. Evaluate special considerations issues such as: Insurance, Hazard Mitigation, Environmental, Floodplain Management, etc. Make appropriate recommendations to the state Public Assistance Officer.

Developing and preparing program reports of management data.

Operate a motor vehicle to travel to various field sites and emergency/disaster locations.

Decision Making:
Describe the types of decisions made by the incumbent of this position and the types of decisions referred to others. Identify the problems or issues that can be resolved at the level of this position, versus those that must be referred to the supervisor. Example: In response to a customer inquiry, this work involves researching the status of an activity and preparing a formal response for the supervisor’s signature.

Position responsibilities and duties are carried out in accordance with established Commonwealth and Agency policies, practices and procedures.

Requirements Profile: Identify any specific experience or requirements, such as a licensure, registration, or certification, which may be necessary to perform the functions of the position. Position-specific requirements should be consistent with a Special Requirement or other criteria identified in the classification specification covering this position. Example: Experience using Java; Professional Engineer License


Licenses, registrations, or certifications:

  Class C Driver's License



Essential Functions
: Provide a list of essential functions for this position. Example: Transports boxes weighing up to 60 pounds.
 1. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing with supervisors, managers and the public.
 2. Ability to use various forms of office or work related equipment, including a computer.
 3. Ability to lift, push, etc., various files and/or office or work related equipment.
 4. Ability to attend meetings, conferences, or participate in disaster related activities in locations throughout the Commonwealth.
 5. Possesses physical and mental stamina to work under high pressure conditions for extended periods of time.
 6. Short term and extended overnight travel maybe required.
 7. Ability to undergo and successfully pass a federal background investigation for Public Trust.
 8. Legally operate a motor vehicle