Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
30120 37 CO H1 C 999-99 01/01/2019
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07/01/1995 30120



This is minor supervisory non-professional nursing work in a specialized occupational field providing care to the mentally disabled patients at institutions with forensic units or at Farview.

An employee in this class is in charge of routine patient care, custody, and housekeeping activities on a ward during the day shift, or has charge of a maximum security building on the night shift, housing patients who may have been place through the criminal justice system for diagnosis and intensive treatment on the basis of the least restrictive alternative, as mandated by mental health commitment laws. The type of patient involved requires the applications of special precautions to prevent injury to employees and patients, and to prevent escape. Supervision is normally exercised over a small group of lower level Forensic Security Employees. Work is performed under the general supervision of a Forensic Security Employee Supervisor, or other supervisor who makes regular inspections of the assigned ward.


Supervises a ward at maximum security building; participates in and supervises the work of several subordinate Forensic Security Employees in overseeing and performing basic nursing procedures and routine housekeeping tasks.

Bathes, shaves, and feeds patients, and directs subordinate Forensic Security Employees in these operations; sees that particular attention is paid to the security of knives, razors, and other dangerous implements.

Applies dressings, and provides general daily care to patients.

Takes regular charge, on a night shift, of an entire maximum security building and supervises subordinate Forensic Security Employees in caring for the needs of patients during the night.

Observes the behavior and attitude of patients and reports in writing any deviation in behavior to his supervisor.

Receives bed check reports, and checks bars in rooms and corridors.

Relieves a Forensic Security Employee Supervisor on his time off and assumes full charge of the day shift Forensic Security Employee service in the building during the supervisor's absence.

Performs related work as required.


Knowledges of basic nursing procedures and patient care and of the methods and techniques of discipline required for persons under restraint.

Knowledge of materials used and the processes involved in ward housekeeping operations.

Knowledge of institutional rules and regulations, particularly as related to patient care.

Knowledge of the more common physical and mental illnesses, their obvious symptoms, and of the appropriate medical terminology.

Knowledge of individual and group habits, attitudes, and general behavior of patients in custody.

Ability to instruct subordinates, assign work schedules, prepare ward and patient reports, and maintain records.

Ability to control and direct patients individually and in groups and to act quickly in emergencies.

Ability to control acutely disturbed and dangerous patients safely and to prevent injury to themselves and the patients.

Ability to maintain a sympathetic attitude toward the mentally and physically ill and instill this attitude in subordinates.

Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

Ability, physically, to perform duties satisfactorily.


Two years of experience in the custodial and general care of mentally ill patients through the criminal justice system; and completion of the tenth school grade6.


Any equivalent combination of experience and training.