Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
60110 01 GO K8 C 999-99 09/01/2019
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06/15/2004 60110


DEFINITION: This is specialized field work in the Commonwealth's wildlife conservation management program.

An employee in this job is assigned to a district in the Commonwealth and is responsible for the enforcement of Pennsylvania's game laws and regulations, public information and educational programs, hunter education, and safety programs. Work includes interpreting and enforcing the game laws by patrolling game lands; investigating, apprehending and prosecuting violators; and presenting evidence and testimony and representing the Commonwealth at hearings and court proceedings. Duties also include investigating hunting accidents, servicing complaints and calls, removing dead and injured animals from highways and other places, stocking, trapping and transferring game, teaching hunter education and providing coordinative direction to Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers. Employees may be required to provide advice and assistance to officer trainees in actual work situations. Work may involve assignment to undercover investigations and wildlife habitat development. Work is performed with a great deal of independence in accordance with prescribed regulations and procedures, and an employee is responsible for the implementation of the law enforcement and related programs in an assigned district. Work is reviewed by a higher level conservation officer through personal inspections, meetings, radio communications, and a review of reports.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Patrols an assigned district by vehicle, boat, and foot in various weather conditions and terrain to detect violations of Pennsylvania game laws and regulations or other related rules and regulations.

Conducts on-site inspections to assure conformance with laws regarding such items as licensure, seasons, species and limit requirements, and safety.

Pursues violators on foot and by vehicle and boat to apprehend for violation of Pennsylvania's game laws and regulations.

Apprehends individuals suspected of violations by taking them into custody, reading and explaining their legal rights and advising of legal options.

Prepares and issues citations to violators, receives fines from individuals for violations and completes field acknowledgement receipts.

Investigates and gathers evidence to support prosecution of individuals violating Pennsylvania's game laws and regulations.

Conducts search of vehicles, buildings, dwellings and persons to obtain evidence.

Initiates proper legal procedures through minor judiciary proceedings.

Appears at hearings and court proceedings on behalf of the Commonwealth to present evidence and testimony against defendants and questions witnesses to ensure that complete testimony is presented.

Investigates hunting accidents by interviewing witnesses and suspected violators, and advising agency officials of such occurrences.

Provides emergency first aid to injured persons following approved procedures.

Interprets Pennsylvania's game laws and regulations for the public.

Conducts undercover investigations which require frequenting establishments that sell and dispense alcoholic beverages.

Answers inquires and prepares replies to requests for information concerning hunting, agency programs, and Pennsylvania's game laws and regulations.

Addresses audiences, meets the press, participates in radio and television programs, provides instructions, and answers inquires on all phases of game conservation.

Maintains exhibits at fairs, sportsmen's shows and schools.

Removes and disposes of dead and injured animals of all sizes and species from roadways and private or public property.

Coordinates game feeding and propagation programs in a district and cooperates with sportsmen's organizations involved in similar cooperative and related wildlife management programs.

Traps and transfers bears, turkeys and other game species.

Evaluates lands owned or leased by the Game Commission for species management and development.

Secures bids for purchase or repair of equipment and services in accordance with Commonwealth regulations.

Provides direction and assistance to Deputy Wildlife Protectors who assist in conducting game conservation activities.

Assists waterways patrolmen, dog law officers, police and Federal enforcement personnel in law enforcement and other activities.

Maintains and operates on and off road motor vehicles and boats.

Issues, inspects and controls the Pennsylvania Game Commission permit system necessary for such persons as taxidermists, fur handlers, propagators, and owners of regulated shooting grounds.

Coordinates and enlists leases with landowners for land to be opened to public hunting.

Conducts an effective predator control program.

Organizes and instructs the public in the safe handling of sporting firearms through the hunter educational programs.

Instructs Deputy Wildlife Protectors in the use of sporting firearms and hand guns.

Provides advice and assistance to officer trainees by answering questions and demonstrating proper techniques on actual work assignments.

Maintains and carries handguns and other firearms while engaged in law enforcement activities.

Maintains an office with complete files on all reports, records, and correspondence applicable to district and Commission programs.

Prepares various reports as required by the Game Commission.

Insures the appropriate maintenance of all issued equipment such as vehicles, boats, motors, firearms, uniforms and office equipment.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of Pennsylvania's game laws and modern law enforcement procedures.

Knowledge of related Federal, state and local wildlife cooperative programs.

Knowledge of the applicable statues, court decisions, interpretations, and administrative procedures and rulings pertaining to violations of state and Federal laws and concerning the rights of citizens during and following arrest.

Knowledge of the relationship of wildlife conservation to the total natural resource conservation concept.

Knowledge of sporting arms and handguns and uses.

Knowledge of common investigative aids, and predator control equipment.

Knowledge of how assignments relate to total Game Commission objectives.

Skill in care and use of firearms and common investigative aids, and predator control equipment.

Ability to enforce Pennsylvania's game laws firmly, tactfully, and with due respect for the rights of others.

Ability to determine proper courses of action and react quickly and calmly in emergency situations.

*Ability to operate motorboats and non-motorized watercraft to patrol Pennsylvania game grounds and boundaries.

Ability to trap Pennsylvania game animals.

Ability to control predators on Pennsylvania game lands.

Ability to guide the work of Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officers in a district.

Ability to create public awareness and involvement in the Game Commission's programs and objectives.

Ability to conduct effective public information program within a district.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Ability to lift, carry and transport heavy objects.

Ability to meet the physical strength, stamina and related physical demands involved in the performance of Wildlife Conservation Officer duties over rough terrain and under adverse climatic conditions.

Ability to swim.

Ability to operate a motor vehicle to patrol Pennsylvania game lands.

Ability to prepare a variety of reports.

Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions in accordance with accepted and current agency policy.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with courts, district attorneys, other law enforcement officials and the public.

*Selected positions only.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Graduation from the Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Trainee program.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.