Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
60130 02 GO K8 C 999-99 09/01/2019
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12/20/1995 60130


DEFINITION: This is supervisory land management work in the Commonwealth's wildlife conservation management program. An employee in this class supervises and participates with a group of skilled and unskilled workers in the management, development and maintenance of state owned lands and buildings and leased lands in an assigned geographic area within a field division.

Work includes organizing and assigning work; evaluating employee performance and preparing Performance Evaluation Reports; receiving and resolving grievances and complaints, interpreting labor agreements, approving leave requests, recommending employee election, and training subordinates. Work involves public relations and enforcing the state game laws. Employees are commissioned with and exercise the powers of arrest. Work is performed in accordance with prescribed regulations and procedures and is reviewed by Game Conservation supervisory staff through on-site reviews, meetings, varied communications, and review of reports.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Supervises crews of skilled and unskilled workers in food and cover plantings, wildlife habitat development work, building repair and equipment operation and maintenance, and maintenance and expansion of farm game projects in a land management group.

Plans, organizes, schedules, and assigns work to subordinates.

Evaluates employee work performance and prepares and signs employee Performance Evaluation Reports.

Receives grievances and complaints, conducts initial investigation into causes and conditions, discusses with employee, and resolves or recommends solutions to grievances and complaints.

Recommends the hiring, transferring, promoting, discharging, or disciplining of crew members.

Interprets rules, regulations, policies, procedures and objectives of the organization or program for subordinates.

Interprets contractual and administrative rights and obligations for subordinates and modifies work environment to conform to changing conditions.

Receives, reviews, and approves or disapproves leave requests.

Trains subordinates in wildlife management principles and the proper use of all equipment used including tractors, bulldozers, ingle chassis trucks, graders, front end loaders, and chain saws.

Develops and implements annual game land management plans.

Initiates purchase orders and/or purchases materials, supplies and services in accordance with Commonwealth regulations.

Makes inspections of equipment and buildings on state owned lands and supervises appropriate repair and maintenance.

Inspects construction and repair work performed by crews; and sharecropping done by outside contractors.

Issues permits and collects payment for the sale of firewood from stated owned land.

Assists with the investigation and preparation of environmental impact statements.

Assists in the purchasing of new land and secures right-of-ways to state game lands.

Evaluates wildlife habitat and prepares environmental and wildlife impact reports for proposed construction projects, mining sites, and other land uses requiring state and Federal permits.

Participates in the stocking of game.

Participates in the winter feeding program.

Interprets and enforces Pennsylvania's game laws, using common investigative aids and techniques as necessary.

Conducts meetings and participates in various public relations programs.

Maintains an office with complete files on all reports, records, and correspondence applicable to the land management group and Game Commission programs.

Maintains and carries hand guns and other firearms while engaged in law enforcement activities.

Prepares various reports as required by the Game Commission.

Cooperates with other state and Federal agencies in wildlife management.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the relationships of wildlife conservation to the total natural resource conservation concept.

Knowledge of sporting arms and hand guns and uses.

Knowledge of how assignments relate to total Game Commission objectives.

Ability to learn Pennsylvania's game laws and modern law enforcement procedures.

Ability to learn related Federal, state and local cooperative wildlife programs.

Ability to learn the applicable statutes, court decisions, interpretations and administrative procedures and rulings pertaining to violations of state and Federal laws and concerning the rights of citizens during and following arrest.

Ability to learn the type, use and maintenance of equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, single chassis trucks, graders, front end loaders, and chain saws.

Ability to learn the principles and practices of employee supervision.

Ability to learn the current labor agreement provisions which affect the supervision of employees, the assignment of work, handling of grievances, and evaluation of work performance.

Ability to enforce Pennsylvania game laws firmly, tactfully, and with due respect for the rights of others.

Ability to learn to plan, organize, and assign work to subordinates.

Ability to learn to evaluate employee performance and prepare employee Performance Evaluation Reports.

Ability to read and interpret collective bargaining unit contracts applicable to the work performed by the unit.

Ability to learn to use offensive and defensive weapons.

Ability to learn to train and supervise a group of skilled and unskilled workers in wildlife management practices and in the safe and proper handling of tools and equipment.

Ability to learn to use common investigative aids.

Ability to create public awareness and involvement in the Game Commission's programs and objectives.

Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Ability to learn to prepare a variety of reports on game status, accidents, habitat conditions, and to collect and submit all ponies resulting from Pennsylvania game law violations, permit fees and publications.

Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions in accordance with agency policy.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with crewmembers, division staff, other law enforcement officials, and the public.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Graduation from the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Ross Leffler School of Conservation, having completed the nine-month Wildlife Conservation Officer Trainee Program.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license.