Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
64800 11 ST A3 N 999-99 12/01/2014
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09/19/2007 64800


DEFINITION: This is managerial and administrative work in directing the Administration, Boating and Access, and Engineering and Property Services Bureaus in the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

The employee in this job is responsible for assisting the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in the development and implementation of policies, practices and strategic plans in the areas of administration, boating and access, and engineering and property services. Work involves determining overall program goals and objectives; proposing changes in program planning and content; establishing policies and standards for operating procedures; assessing existing and proposed program outcomes; making recommendations for further development and modification of policies and standards; providing technical direction in the operation of administration, boating and access, and engineering and property services program-based research; and directing the compilation and reporting of statistical data, project plans and program initiatives. Work also involves defining objectives and priorities and coordinating activities; meeting with stakeholders to discuss program approaches and procedures; directing the coordination of bureau priorities to reduce conflicts and streamline operations; and providing day-to-day leadership and direction to the Bureaus of Administration, Boating and Access, and Engineering and Property Services. Supervision is exercised over professional staff by assigning and reviewing work and discussing the performance of the staff with the Executive Director. Work is performed under the general direction of the Executive Director and is reviewed through reports and conferences for effectiveness and adherence to policies.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Directs the activities of the Bureaus of Administration, Boating and Access, and Engineering and Property Services.

Directs and coordinates support services, such as human resources, information technology, and purchasing, to achieve the goals of the agency.

Oversees the administration of programs related to the boating law, boating safety, water safety and rescue, fishing and boating access, marina operations, and marine services.

Oversees the research, planning, surveying, design, construction, and maintenance of engineering and architectural projects related to the programs of the Pennsylvania Fish Commission.

Oversees the development of a comprehensive plan that addresses structural facility needs.

Develops and recommends changes to the Executive Director in matters of policy and program emphasis.

Directs and coordinates the work of a professional staff engaged in activities to ensure the efficient, effective and coordinated activities among subordinate bureaus.

Reviews, analyzes and evaluates program outcomes to determine overall effectiveness and efficiency of subordinate bureau programs.

Evaluates the effectiveness of assigned programs and makes appropriate changes to attain maximum accomplishment.

Communicates with legislative representatives, state, local and federal officials and other stakeholders to coordinate, secure support or otherwise promote program objectives.

Develops performance measures and establishes objectives to achieve agency goals and objectives.

Prepares reports and correspondence for the Executive Director.

Reviews reports, correspondence, and memorandums from subordinate managers to determine the effectiveness and adherence to established goals and objectives of the organization.

Performs the full range of supervisory duties.

The employee in this job may participate in the performance of their subordinates work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the principles of effective supervision.

Ability to effectively communicate orally.

Ability to effectively communicate in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Six years of professional administrative experience in a public or private organization managing office services, human resources, budgeting, and engineering  and property services or boating and access including three years of experience supervising professionals; and a bachelor's degree;


An equivalent combination of experience and training that includes three years of experience supervising professionals.