Job Code Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Type Bargaining Unit Civil Service or Non-Civil Service Last Executive Board Change Executive Board Change History
98960 37 CO H1 C 999-99 01/01/2019
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05/01/1977 98960


DEFINITION: This is powered construction equipment operating instruction in the vocational training of inmates at a state correctional institution or facility.

An employee in this class provides on-the-job training and shop instruction for the vocational training of inmates as powered construction equipment operators. Work involves the instruction of inmates in the practices, methods, and procedures of powered construction equipment operations by demonstration, explanation, and close supervision during training and work assignments. Employee is responsible for the custody and discipline of inmates during training and work assignments. Work is received in the form of work orders which may be accompanied by drawings, sketches, or construction drawings. Employee makes independent judgment concerning procedures, tools, equipment, and materials to be used by inmates in carrying out training and work assignments. Work is performed under general supervision and is reviewed by a technical or administrative superior through conferences, reports, and by inspection of completed assignments.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: Instructs inmates in the standard practices, methods, and procedures of operating powered construction equipment using such items as diagrams, charts, illustrations, and shop manuals and plans; demonstrates and explains the methods, procedures, materials, and tools used in operating powered construction equipment such as cranes, shovels, tractors, graders, back-hoes, and front end loaders used to excavate and grade right-of-way for roads, streets, and drainage ditches and to erect structural steel and pour concrete.

Plans and assigns work to inmates receiving heavy equipment operator training; and reviews and inspects work in progress and upon completion for adherence to heavy equipment operating standards.

Participates in the operating of heavy equipment; and assists inmate workers in the more difficult assignments.

Instructs inmates and participate in preventative maintenance and minor repair of equipment.

Uses and explains sketches, drawings, and plans.

Issues and collects tools, supplies, and materials required by inmate workers; and requisitions materials, supplies, and equipment.

Maintains order and discipline among inmate workers; and searches inmates and work areas for contraband and insures security of work area.

Maintains maintenance and repair records, and training progress, inventory, wage, and attendance records.

Work may be assigned and performed in areas other than construction equipment operations in a manner consistent with organizational and operational requirements of the institution or facility.

Performs related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the standard procedures, techniques and practices of operating and care of powered construction equipment such as cranes, shovels, tractors, graders, back-hoes, and front end loaders.

Knowledge of tools, equipment, materials and measuring devices used in operation powered construction equipment.

Knowledge of the principles of operation of powered construction equipment sufficient to detect defective operation and to make minor repairs.

Knowledge of the hazards and standard safety practices of the powered construction equipment.

Skill in the use of the operation of a variety of powered construction equipment.

Ability to understand individual and group behavior and to work effectively with persons who have been involved in delinquent and criminal activities.

Ability to instruct inmates in powered construction equipment operation and to teach desirable work habits.

Ability to read and interpret construction drawings.

Ability to work from drawings, sketches, and plans.

Ability to estimate the amount of materials, tools, supplies, and time required for projects.

Ability to plan, assign, review, and evaluate the work of inmates learning powered construction equipment operations.

Ability to service, make running adjustments, and make minor repairs to the equipment.

Ability to keep maintenance and repair records, and training progress, inventory, wage and attendance records.

Ability to maintain order and discipline among inmates.

Physical strength and agility sufficient to cope with unruly inmates.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: Completion of an approved apprenticeship in the operation of heavy equipment;


Any equivalent combination of experience and/or training which includes one year of journeyman level work.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license.